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    G751JY Completely Dead, No lights at all.

    It started with the laptop going from AC to battery and back again when playing games.
    Eventually the battery would completely discharge and not even register the DC jack.
    A few days would pass and it would work again.

    Now there is NOTHING. No lights at all when plugged in. Power button does nothing.

    What I've done/tried:
    1. Replaced battery
    2. Disassembled / reassembled many times ( pulled main / bios battery and held in pwr button for 1+ minutes)
    3. Tested AC - DC power plug and can confirm 19v output (OK)
    4. Tested for 19v at DC mini-board going into motherboard (OK)
    5. No visabable shorts or suspicious items on motherboard. (OK)

    I very familiar with computer hardware and I can't figure this one out.

    Because of the switching while gaming, I'm thinking about hot air reflow my GPU. It's risky and I wanted to hear thoughts or possibly other things to try first.

    It's 2yrs old, so no warranty stuff.

    Anyone have any thoughts?

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