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    Question Disable min water pump+ level of 60%

    I have a x299 board, not actually ROG, however, I wanted to post this here since this forum has helped me much more than the actual Asus forum and the software/UEFI is the same between my Prime x299 Deluxe and the Strix, to the point that I actually downloaded the patched AISuite from here and the Asus Maximus page.

    Anyway, to point; I, thanks to a thread on here, found out how to enable UEFI control of my water pump+ header, however, on UEFI 1004 (haven't installed the latest one, just out yesterday yet) I cannot seem to allow my water pump+ header to go lower than 60%, even though AISuite can and I set it to 30% there.

    Is there a setting in the UEFI that will allow me to lower the min it allows for power output to the water pump+ header?

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