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    ASUS Centurion 7.1 Headset Short Comings That Need Addressing ASAP

    Dear ROG ASUS,

    I recently bought your top of the line ROG Centurion 7.1 headset and am returning it for the following reasons outlined below. First, let me say that I own many of your products, from motherboards, to high-end gaming monitors and have been quite satisfied with them. I also choose to write this post so that consumers searching the internet might come across it and find information that I personally found difficult to come by when researching this headset.

    Here's what you need to immediately improve:
    1) Make it work with PS4 and Xbox consoles. When plugged into a PS4, only the microphone of the headset works. PS4 does not recognise that a headset is plugged in. No sound comes through. Only the microphone works. I game equally on PC and console, all of which takes place at the same desk, and am only interested in paying for a single headset that works on both PC and consoles.

    2) Make the headset HDMI and receiver USB cords longer, much, much longer. 1.5 meters for the HDMI headset cable itself is way too short. I hate how the cord gets in the way of my elbows when gaming. ****Recognise that most PC gamers have their PC tower to the right of their monitors, yet this headset has its cable connect to headset on the left side.**** Compare your headset to my older wired Logitech G35 which came with a 3 meter long USB cable. To use this headset, you have to run the USB receiver cable across your desk to the receiver placed on the left side of the desk, so that you can then run the HDMI headset cable towards you which connects to the headset's left ear muff. At the very least, double the length of the headset HDMI cable, if not also the receivers USB cable, and better yet, design the headset cable to connect to the right ear muff instead of the left muff. This just makes sense for a "PC Platform" headset.

    3) Illuminate the receiver's front selector dial and the choices listed around it. I prefer to game in a dark room, the same as most gamer friends of mine. It would be helpful to see what I'm selecting on the receiver while I'm gaming. Because the front of the receiver is not illuminated, I have to take off the headset, because the headset cable is so incredibly short, walk over to the light switch on the wall, turn on the room light, make adjustments to the headset receiver, then walk back over to the light switch, turn it off, walk back to my gaming desk, put the headset back on, and unpause the game I'm playing. It would be so much more convenient if I could just see what I'm turning the receiver dial to while seated at my gaming desk.

    Please address these issues with the ROG Centurion 7.1 headset. I like that it has true 7.1 sound, and really nice driver speakers in each ear muff, but boy does this headset leave me frustrated. The sound is great, but the experience (and lack there of on console) is not great, at all.

    And so you also know, here's what you got right with the ROG Centurion 7.1 headset:
    1) Included pair of cloth ear pads. Best extra feature of this headset. Can not stress this enough. When the protein ear pads break down and flake off black specks of ear pad after years of wear and tear, consumers will be thanking you ASUS for including cloth ear pads to replace them with. Also, I prefer cloth as it breathes better and keeps ears cooler and drier during long gaming sessions.

    2) Included headset stand. Also really great, and frankly, expected for a headset that costs $400+ CAD MSRP.

    3) Headband design. This headset is very comfortable to wear, which surprised me given how big it is.

    4) Lastly, but certainly not least, your decision to use quality drivers behind each of the five individual speakers in each ear muff to produce true 7.1 sound. The sound is great.

    Thanks for taking the time to read my feedback and I hope you use it to improve this headset as I describe. When you do, I will buy it. Until then, the Centurion 7.1 has forced me to consider other brands and models as it just doesn't provide what I need a headset to do, unfortunately.

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