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    G752VSK hard crashes. 3 RMAs without problem being solved

    I purchased a ROG G752VS last December. Since then, I've had to RMA my computer three times. The issue has never been solved, and in the last two the technicians say that no anomaly has been detected.

    The laptop keeps crashing while playing games, similar to the case described in this thread:

    I suspect that the problem is due to the know issues with Geforces 1070 and Micron memory (I've confirmed that my laptop's graphics card uses Micron memory).

    I've made sure that all software and drivers are up-to-date. Still, the games keep on crashing. I've tested this with Nioh, GTAV and Arkham Knight. All these games cause hard crashes eventually and cause the computer to restart. WWE2k18 in particular crashes constantly.

    I've sent a report describing the situation in all three RMAs. In the first one, the SDD was replaced. Nothing was done in the other two.

    I'm getting a bit desperate: I've already tried to ask for a replacement or a refund. Both the store where I bought the laptop and the distributor are willing, but Asus's representatives won't accept the laptop back.

    What should I do to solve this issue? I spent nearly 3000€ on this laptop and it simply doesn't work properly. I'd like to see it repaired, if possible.

    I recorded the following video showing a crash taking place:

    Thank you in advance for your assistance.
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