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    Quote Originally Posted by Axle Grease View Post
    Cool bananas! Congratulations on successfully patching your z87 mobo bios.

    The challenge for me is to figure out a way to patch a BIOS for my Rampage 2 Extreme (x58) motherboard. The tools look.... unfriendly.
    I hear ya. I have an extremely old Intel P35-ICH9R (Abit IP35 Pro) with an Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 (Still runs Windows 10 fine ) that I've just given up thinking about updating via the BIOS.

    I'm just going to wait for this Microsoft patch to get the Intel microcode updates:

    Intel will probably get to this ancient processor dead last in their list of microcodes they need to update and I expect Microsoft to get to adding it a month or two after that.

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