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    XTU scores went down hill with Apex on Bios 1102

    Ran a couple of tests to spot some performance degradation from the new bios. So far CB R15 and others didn't see any drop in performance. But XTU scores are waay down!

    On a 12-Core I scored ~3850 @4.6G I'm now consistently scoring at or below 3625 XTU points. That's pretty rough, still searching for the reason, tired different (tighter) AVX offsets but 0 would immediately crash for example, -1works but gives the same sore as -3. Tried upping Vccin (input) all other settings are the same (DRAM timings actually even slightly tighter). No luck. Something smells fishy and it doesn't really make a whole lot of sense why XTU should be that much worse when others don't show any significant perf drop.

    Any ideas where to look for to get XTU scores up?
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