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    Asus ROG G70s Bios update failed

    Hi there everyone.

    So last night, I have downloaded Bios rev. 207 to update my Laptop in order to update the Bios.

    I have formatted a 1GB USB as Fat32 placed the bios there and went straight to Bios setup in order to flash the bios throug EZ Flash.

    It erased the bios, flashed the new one and it kept showing verification error. After a couple of minutes there it showed the following message: "The system will POST"

    So it went straight to Windows 10 logo. It took some minutes before completely booting up.

    After that i downloaded CPU-Z and checked the bios revision. It was on 206 instead of 207. So I thought that maybe there was a problem with my bios file. I have downloaded the bios again formatted the pen again and placed the bios file and rebooted the system again.

    When I rebooted it went fully black, leds on and a 4 or 5 times blinking hdd led.

    Have tryed many things including CTRL+Home, Fn+Home, CTRL+Alt+Home and Fn+F5. I even burned a CD with the bios File inside. Nothing so far.

    I was wondering if anyone can help me with this problem.

    Thank you all in advance.

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