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    M5A78L-M LE - Cassis Fan Speed - not controllable on board/ with tools?


    I'm sorry because of my question regarding the old M5A78L-M LE.
    I want to use the mainboard in a backup computer.

    Everything works fine. Only the chassis fan speed I do not get controlled.
    In the bios I cannot find an option.
    I never had a mainboard where I could not control the chassis fan speed using SpeedFan.
    The M5A78L-M LE shows no reaction with SpeedFan on the chassis fan.
    The cpu fan speed can be controlled perfectly with SpeedFan.

    Can anybody who knows the boards tell me, if the board has a defect or if the fan speed of this board cannot be controlled using the bios or fan control tools?

    The fans I use are 3-pin fans from a Lian Li case.

    Thanks very much!
    Miniatura de Adjuntos Miniatura de Adjuntos M5A78L-M LE - HW Monitor Configuration.jpg  

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