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    ROG Guru: Orange Belt Array sandro c PC Specs
    sandro c PC Specs
    Laptop (Model)Dell Ispiron i5
    Processori7 3930K @4600 Mhz
    Memory (part number)Corsair D. CMT16GX3M4X2133C9 @2200
    Graphics Card #1Asus GTX580 TI oc
    Graphics Card #2none
    Graphics Card #3none
    Graphics Card #4none
    Sound CardRealtk on board
    MonitorSamsung LV32F390F
    Storage #1Raid0 2x samsung 850 pro
    Storage #2Raid0 2x samsung 850 pro
    CPU CoolerNoctua NHD14- Dynatron R13 under cpu soket
    CaseThermaltake Armor 6000B
    Power SupplyEnermax 625W modu82+
    Keyboard Logitech G105
    Mouse Logitech G300S
    Headset HP USB2
    Mouse Pad a white printer foil
    Headset/Speakers RCF Home theatre 5 channels
    OS Win10 pro-Win10 Insider-Win7 pro
    Network RouterTechnicolor ADSL 46 Mbit
    Accessory #1 Webcam Logitech 9000
    Accessory #2 Epson ptoto Stilus PX800FW
    Accessory #3 USB DTT receiver
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    Sep 2012

    Hi forum people,
    Hello Mentol happy to hear again the old friends of the forums known about five years ago, a real pleasure to find you again.
    Hello Arne, I like you I had the pleasure of destroying a NHD12 of a friend of mine who despite having checked that the radiator and compound was well installed and of good quality, its cpu i7920 @ 4000 mhz was always at 45 ° C in idle and 90 ° C under stress, while the radiator fins were at 35 ° C .... a mystery. We did it in pieces and inside the pipes were exactly as you showed us .... we did not understand a "c ....", we threw it and bought a liquid Corsair .... the temp . have become normal, .... but I think the Noctua was sacrificed on the altar of stupidity!
    As for writing, you guessed at 50%: half the time to write with my left index finger, the other 50% to correct the errors of having pressed the adjacent key.
    Hello R5Eandme, I imagine you very well because we Italians are as you say and as said in a famous movie (.... Italians always mess, pasta, wine and mandolin!)
    With the diet I am already ruined .... in the 40 years of my work I ate about 35,000 times in restaurants, starting at 24 years old age with 60Kg and finishing 10 years ago at 105 Kg .... fortunately 180 cm tall!
    I would like to talk more about technical matters with you, but who would be interested in my old RIVE-i73930 system?
    Greetings to everyone
    sandro c.

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