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    2nd Ryzen 7 1700X killed by my Crosshair VI Hero - Unfounded

    Hi All!

    I'm here to inform you that my Asus Crosshair VI Hero has killed the 2nd 1700X in 3 months (The CPUs were @ default).

    First time, 3 months ago (After 3 months of service).
    My rig was:
    Ryzen 7 1700X
    BIOS 1701
    2x4GB Patriot Viper 4 3000 MHz
    SSD OCZ Trion 100
    Chieftec ECO 600 Watt
    Powercolor RedDevil RX480

    Second time, one week ago.
    My rig is:
    Ryzen 7 1700X
    BIOS 3008
    2x8GB Patriot 4 3400 MHz
    SSD M.2 Intel 600P
    CoolerMaster V650 650W
    XFX Fury X

    First time, error 08. Second time, error 02. I have a Ryzen 1500X as backup, and it works (Also, I have 2 other Ryzen on Gigabyte boards and these CPUs work perfectly 24/7)
    After first 1700X dead, I noticed it to AMD Italia, and they replaced my CPU with a new one. I thought was a defective sample. But even the new one died after 3 months of service. So, the problem is 99.9% the mainboard: there are huge vCore peaks, even in idling. :\

    I think I'll sold my CH6H. I can't change the CPU every 3 months.

    Gian Maria

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