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    Question Help with re-arm pc!! Ram Ddr3 or Ddr4???


    CPU: I7- 3820.-
    VGA: AMD Radeon HD 7970
    RAM: 8Gb x 4 (ddr3 - 1600) G. Skills
    SSD: 500gb Crucial m4
    HDD: 500gb
    Motherboard: Asus Rampage IV (DEAD!!!!!) ;(
    Cooler: Thermaltake frio extreme
    power supply: Corsair TX850W

    - My motherboard died because some pins where the cpu goes broke.

    - I decided to buy new parts for my pc, now I am between trying to use my ram or change to a ddr4.
    So, what is the most current socket that supports the ram ddr3? or it is not convenient to continue using my ram?

    - Regarding the amount of money I have, it is difficult because I have to buy materials for my university career, dentistry (around 1800 USD), in the end I would have between 350 USD to 670 USD, and that I can probably buy the parts for my pc in 1 month (at the beginning of March)

    Pd: the pc is just for playing, like Lol, PUBG, Fortnite, Rocket League, Cs: Go, Black Desert.

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