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    Question AURA cmd switch or similar?

    Hi everyone,

    so at the moment, I am trying to basically turn off every LED in my PC with one click.
    I have written myself a program that allows me to turn off my Keyboard and Mouse LEDs and I tried to implement the AURA SDK.
    To be honest, I just couldn't figure out how this SDK is supposed to work, but I noticed in the example that only the MB LEDs but not the RAM LEDs changed.
    As I want every LED to go off, the SDK would not work so I wanted to just open the AURA program and press the Off button with a macro.
    As the program isn't necessarily on the same spot every time I have to make this work only with keyboard input and I found out the key combination which does turn off the LEDS. Unfortunately AURA does not recognize the key press through the macros (Corsair UE and AutoIT, as well as c++ SendInput).

    Is there a way that I could switch off the Aura LEDs without having to manually press the button in the GUI?

    Thank you all!


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