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    My Gigabyte NVIDIA1070 GTX Died and I Want to Replace it for ASUS

    Hi everyone!
    I have a GTX 1070 8GB from Gigabyte but somehow it started displaying artifacts some days ago and today it just doesn't boot.
    I Love the card and it's more than enough for what I do (Playing, Simple Video Editing and Programming) and at the same time it has very good energy eficiency.
    For now, i'm looking to buy exacly the same GPU, from ASUS, but several doubts started to build up.
    How is it possible, that the same GPU, with different cooling systems (the main difference that I saw) has a price difference of around 70€?
    What should I go for? The most expensive or the cheapest?
    So far I have found this solutions (link below). I'm from Portugal so if you have any other cheap store please advise.
    For now I'm using the integrated GPU from my MB but I can't work like this.
    Please help me decide what model should I buy. Thank you.

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