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    Post Systems boots irregularly in SAFE MODE after turning off power supply


    my computer has a ASUS Z270I motherboard in it with a 7700k, powered by Corsair RM750x PSU and I have couple of issues.

    First one being described in the title. I study in a different city, so when I leave my home for those 5 days, I shutdown the power supply of my computer. Then, when I return the computer tends to boot in SAFE MODE. I have already checked the settings in the system regarding this matter and everything is how it should be (safe mode unchecked). When I am turning off the power supply I always wait for at least three minutes after the computer shut down. Before turning the computer on again I always wait for at least a minute after I have turned the power supply on (so the procedure is spot on). I have also enabled ErP feature in BIOS (didn't make any difference). I have Fast Boot enabled. This problem doesn't happen when I simply start the computer without turning off the power supply, it only happens during the start after turning the power supply on, and it happens irregularly, sometimes it does happen five times in a row, sometimes it doesn't happen five times in a row. I simply can not find the logic behind it. Could you, please, help me out?

    Second matter is the WHITE led in the upper right corner (implying that there is something wrong with the GPU) that is always on after waking up from sleep. I have read on the forum that it should be caused by the version of BIOS. Does someone know more about this, please?

    And the third would be: Can the ORANGE LED in the lower right corner of the motherboard (that implies that the MOBO is powered) be somehow turned off? Not like it is a matter of life and death, but since there is the problem with the SAFE mode, I don't want to turn off the power supply, but I also don't want the LED to be shining all the time.

    Thank You for reading this and thanks for all the replies in advance.

    Best Regards,

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