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    Problem with Thunderbolt 3 on an Asus rog rampagve vi extreme


    I have the board in the title, when I plug any TB device into the USB C/TB3 port the message pops up "thunderbolt device functionality might be limited". The Thunderbolt software shows that nothing is connected and does not even show the device tree of the controller.

    I have played with the TB setting in the BIOS but cannot get it to work.

    I also have an Asrock TB3 card which works on the board without any issue, although no Mboard manufacturer lists compatibility with other brands TB card it does in fact work - where the onboard TB3 does not.

    The latest drivers are installed.
    I have tried removing the Asrock card incase it was causing a conflict, but the problem persists.

    Anyone got any ideas? I will be RMAing the board if I cannot solve this as TB3 ports are an essential component for me.

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