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    Maximus XI Hero (Wifi) Display Issues with gtx980 Classified (EVGA)

    At initial build of this system I encountered some issues getting my gtx980 Classified to work. But it worked...eventually. However, it stopped working after I let the machine go into hibernation/sleep mode. Upon re-boot I had no video signal and the motherboard wouldn't even recognise the card. Some jiggery pokery in the BIOS and Windows 10 and eventually the GPU was detected and started working again. However, upon hibernation/sleep two evenings ago, my GPU stopped working again and I had to use the on-board VGA to access BIOS etc. While in Windows with the card showing as 'Hidden' in Device Manager, (and some Windows update that happened yesterday), Windows suddenly recognised the GPU and installed it! It was no longer 'Hidden' in device manager. So, yesterday, the GPU was working fine, again. I was gaming all day. I shut down the PC at end of day.

    Today, booting up the PC, with no changes, the GPU is not detected again. No display. Had to resort to VGA. I've had no luck getting the system to detect the GPU at boot. Things I've done:

    - Updated the BIOS
    - Cleared the CMOS, four times now.
    - Loaded Optimised Defaults
    - Enabled CSM in BIOS
    - Set primary display mode to PCIE in BIOS (from Auto)
    - Disabled Fast Boot
    - Put the card in a different PCI slot - no difference
    - Re-installed Windows
    - Disabled on-board graphics and connected monitor and TV only to the GPU (this seemed to work last week when I was having similar issues at initial build, but not this time)
    - Updated all system drivers with 'Driver Genius'

    Everything else seems to be working just fine. I'm even able to play games through the VGA, but at lot lower settings. So I'm wondering, what problem does this motherboard have with my GTX 980?? 'GPU Post' in BIOS doesn't recognise it at all but I think this only works for ASUS cards. How can I know if the motherboard is picking it up at all at the moment? The lights on the GPU itself are on and look normal. Should I be able to see it connected in BIOS?


    Maximus XI Hero 390z (wifi)
    i9 9900K
    EVGA gtx980 Classified
    Corsair Vengenace RGB Pro 3200Mhz
    Samsung Pro 256GB SSD
    PSU 850W



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