ROG Delta S Core

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Prix ASUS estore 109,99 €
Prix ASUS estore 109,99 €
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    Gamezoom buy recommendation 90%

    ASUS delivers a great gaming headset at a fair price with the new ROG Delta S Core. Besides the impeccable build quality and the great wearing comfort (low weight, soft padding), the very good microphone is also convincing.

    GERMANY 07/05/2023
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    Very Good

    The price for the Asus ROG Delta S Core gaming headphones (just under CZK 2,000) is set to match their higher quality and top-notch sound. Compared to other models in the same category, this is a very reasonable investment.

    CZECH REPUBLIC 06/17/2024
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    Overall, I think that those who buy around CZK 1,500 value headphones will be quite excited about the Asus ROG Delta S Core. For the very acceptable money, it is a high-quality, albeit basic, but sensibly made gaming headset in all respects, without any obvious compromises.

    CZECH REPUBLIC 02/22/2023
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  • I hugely appreciate that these headphones give me good surround sound, help me in every game and definitely a good microphone for the money, probably the best I've had from Asus so far.

  • ASUS ROG Delta S Core - microphone


    L'avis des médias

    • Despite the simplicity of the materials, the Raikiri Pro has a high level of build quality. We also found it to be very light: at 300 grams, it provides excellent ergonomics even during longer gaming sessions. The real star, however, is the small OLED panel embedded in the central part of the joypad. The Delta S Core does exactly what it was designed to do: it offers the ability to connect to any gaming device right from the start.

      Hardware Upgrade

      ITALY 10/24/2023
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    • The ASUS ROG Delta S Core gaming headset impressed us with its value for money. The light weight and ergonomic design of the D-shaped earcups. The sound quality of the Delta S Core is more than good. ASUS ROG Raikiri Pro, is simply the most beautiful controller on the market. The ASUS ROG Raikiri Pro's mini OLED display added a distinctive touch to our gaming setup and made the experience even cooler


      ITALY 11/21/2023
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    • This set is designed to deliver punchy sound and precise reproduction, which is ensured by the cutting-edge technology that is built into every detail. The key element is the 50mm ASUS Essence drivers with neodymium magnets, which guarantee clear and pure sound in the entire frequency spectrum from 20 Hz to 40,000 Hz.

      CZECH REPUBLIC 03/30/2024
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    • If I had to choose one of this year's models of wired headphones under two thousand, it would probably be the ROG Delta S Core. The combination of great ergonomics, an above-average sounding microphone and construction quality has done its job here. I was satisfied with the sound performance for the price, and from practice I appreciated the replacement ear cups, which will go away over time, whether you want them to or not.

      CZECH REPUBLIC 11/22/2022
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    • The Asus ROG Delta S Core gaming headset offers undeniable quality in its sub-CZK 2,000 price range. For their merits, we can confidently recommend them.

      CZECH REPUBLIC 09/10/2023
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