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  • igorslab.de

    Recommended Buy

    Nevertheless, the ROG Pugio II is the best all-rounder among the mice that I have had in my hands so far! So if you're not looking for a crazy design or very special e-sports features, you can buy this without hesitation.

    GERMANY 01/18/2022
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  • LesNumériques.com

    4 stars out of 5

    With a very simple ambidextrous design, this Pugio II hides a full range of advanced features and performance and much appreciated customization options.

    FRANCE 06/17/2020
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  • PCUpdate

    Silver Award

    Versatile and ambidextrous

    FRANCE 03/01/2020
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  • Vonguru

    Silver Award

    Comfort is excellent, thanks to wireless connectivity and smoothness.

    FRANCE 02/19/2020
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  • Tech Porn

    Techporn Certified Award

    The ASUS ROG Pugio II Wireless is an okay mouse. Nothing’s really exceptional about it except for maybe the bundles, features and shape that is appropriate for medium to larger hands. If you also like a heavier mouse but with an ergonomic shape fit for both left and right handers then maybe this is for you.

    PHILIPPINES 02/20/2021
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  • www.overclockers.ru

    Tested by overcloskers.ru

    ASUS TUF Gaming K3 is a good keyboard with three different types of classic mechanical switches

    RUSSIA 03/18/2021
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  • www.overclockers.ru

    Tested by overcloskers.ru

    ASUS ROG Pugio II is a symmetrical mouse with excellent performance, a good sensor, and excellent backlighting

    RUSSIA 03/11/2021
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  • www.greentechreviews.ru

    Editors Choice

    The ASUS ROG Pugio II is going to be perfect for small and medium-sized hands irrespective of one’s grip type.

    RUSSIA 03/15/2020
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Revues vidéo

  • Video review from the channel ASUS ROG BALTICS

  • A scientist's third-grade daughter did a free study on the World Wide Web.

  • The mouse turned out to be very cool in form, which took all the best decisions from competitors and brought in its decisions, some controversial, some very cool.

  • Cool mouse - a very cool design, it's cool that you can change switches, all of these keys are a trifle, but nice.

  • I would not say that this is just marketing - if you buy this mouse, it has everything and you will have it for many years.

  • We have a truly versatile wireless mouse. Particular attention should be paid to the sensor - it is almost impossible to break.

  • I didn’t pin any hopes on the top-notch product, I was probably even skeptical about this mouse, and as a result I got the mouse that I will always use on a constant basis.

  • For two weeks of use, I have only pleasant impressions of the mouse. Pressing the buttons is clear, there are almost no backlashes, the sensor works smoothly, without interruptions, the mouse is convenient for work and of course for games.

  • The mouse is comfortable to use, I liked that it is synchronized with the computer and the keyboard, everything glows in time and in tune.

  • With a lightweight design, seven programmable keys, as well as integrated Aura RGB lighting, the Pugio II will suit any gamer who wants perfection during the game.

L'avis des médias

  • ROG Strix Impact II: With the Asus ROG Strix Impact II, players get an affordable all-rounder ROG Pugio II: The Asus ROG Pugio II can be adjusted without tools ROG Chakram: Asus draws from the full. Not only that players can switch freely between wireless, Bluetooth and cable mode: the gaming mouse also has a conveniently located joystick on the thumb rest.


    GERMANY 04/02/2020
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  • Pugio II 定價 NT$ 3190 雖然不算低,但考量到便捷的三模連線功能與優異性能,其實還算合理。再來看 Strix Impact II 定價 NT$ 990 就真的很超值了,用到微動開關壽命終結還能簡單替換,非常適合預算有限的朋友。


    TAIWAN 08/31/2020
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  • Convenient, symmetrical, wireless and highly customizable. These are the four key features of the new ROG Pugio II mouse from ASUS.

    TGM Online

    ITALY 11/09/2020
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  • ROG Pugio II is certainly an excellent evolution of its predecessor both from the point of view of performance, guaranteed by the new optical sensor, and from the point of view of connectivity


    ITALY 11/12/2020
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  • As a result, ROG Pugio II Wireless has become an extremely successful gaming mouse. Apart from its ergonomic design and comfortable use, we liked it with its rich box content, long battery life, Bluetooth support and, of course, its performance.

    Chip Online

    Türkiye 02/27/2020
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  • The ROG Pugio II model is wireless, which means it’s convenient to move around the apartment or take with you. The mouse is equipped with a wired USB interface and two wireless: 2.4 GHz and Bluetooth LE.

    Root Nation

    UKRAINE 04/01/2020
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  • The ASUS ROG Pugio II mouse received almost perfect characteristics in terms of its versatility. It boasts a successful symmetrical shape, the ability to configure the side keys for maximum convenience, two types of switches included and variable backlight.


    UKRAINE 06/09/2020
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  • in its price range, this mouse offers a balanced combination of a unique set of features, among which there are no overwhelming features. And the closest current counterparts from other brands in a symmetrical design can be counted on the fingers of one hand.


    UKRAINE 07/23/2020
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  • ASUS ROG Pugio II is a gaming mouse with a range of creative solutions and design features. It has a good optical sensor and an ergonomic body shape. The options for swapping switches and side buttons may seem like overkill, but they can be useful.


    UKRAINE 07/27/2020
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  • The Asus ROG Pugio II mouse is one of the few gaming peripherals suitable for both right and left hands. Not only does it have a symmetrical shape, but it also has side buttons on both sides, so they are within reach of the thumbs of both hands.


    CZECH REPUBLIC 09/13/2023
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