ROG Strix Impact III Wireless

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Prix ASUS estore 79,99 €
Prix ASUS estore 79,99 €
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    SPAIN 04/11/2024
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  • BUG online

    BUG Recommends

    Excellent sensor Great adaptability, despite the simple design

    CROATIA 01/28/2024
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  • PC Ekspert

    Recommends award

    Build quality, design, excellent sensor, long-lasting but changeable microswitches, autonomy, low weight, good mobility.

    CROATIA 12/22/2023
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  • Svet Kompjutera

    Editors Choice

    ROG Strix Impact III is different a mouse meant for different people, who want to get durable.

    SERBIA 01/01/2024
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Revues vidéo

  • ASUS ROG Strix Impact 3 iii Wireless P520 With Swappable Switches & Insane Battery Life

  • There's no risk of running out of battery in this mouse! Opening the battery compartment, I discovered that inside there is a triple A battery contained in a container that turns it into an AA battery, so when you run out of battery in the mouse you either use the triple A or use the classic AA. A truly ingenious solution!

  • Choosing an ASUS mouse such as the ROG Strix Impact III wireless mouse allows for excellent performance on the gaming side. The device is perfect for very fast gaming that requires great responsiveness. In fact, it is a great mouse for professional gamers due to its weight and its being wireless.

  • Here we have another review of a mouse, the Asus ROG Strix Impact III Wireless, this gaming mouse has excellent performance and for the right price it is a good buy. I highlight the excellent performance and battery and it is a super light mouse.

  • It's a cool gaming mouse with a restrained design, but cool ergonomics, extensive customization options, and most importantly, the ability to play wirelessly without any lag.

  • This is a real gaming device with a moderate price tag. In short, if the shape and characteristics suit you, I can definitely recommend it.

  • It is a very good gaming wireless mouse that we believe will not disappoint even the most avid gamers because it is light, fast and precise.

L'avis des médias

  • ASUS nous livre ici une petite souris de très bonne facture pour les joueurs qui recherchent une souris sans fil dans un format contenu, performante et à un prix abordable. Le modèle proposé est de qualité, avec une attention au détail, via notamment ses boutons en PBT et ses microswitches remplaçables à la volée.


    FRANCE 04/10/2024
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  • The ASUS ROG Strix Impact III Wireless excels in the market first for its top-end price/performance ration. In use it gives satisfaction and is excellent in all operational sectors, but in a gaming perspective it manages to express its full potential. Suitable for the office, but also excellent for use outside work or at home.

    ITALY 06/02/2024
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  • The Asus ROG Strix Impact III is a good product especially for those looking for a mouse with a simple shape that does not sacrifice RGB LED lighting, combined with compact dimensions and excellent lightness.


    ITALY 03/28/2024
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  • The body and shape of the ASUS ROG Strix Impact III Wireless mouse fit large and medium-sized palms. The surface is moderately ascetic and grippy, but pleasant to the touch. It has a new proprietary sensor, which gives you more freedom and possibilities during games.


    UKRAINE 03/22/2024
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