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  • Profesional Review


    ROG Zenith Extreme Alpha offers us an improved dissipation in the power phases and M.2 units

    SPAIN 04/10/2019
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  • Noticias3D


    in terms of performance the ASUS ROG Zenith Extreme Alpha is left over

    SPAIN 03/10/2019
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  • OC3D TV

    Enthusiast Grade

    “All in all the revised ASUS X399 ROG Zenith Extreme Alpha is a triumph. It would be easy enough for ASUS to have decided that the original Zenith Extreme did well enough and leave any revisions for a future model, but instead they have taken on board the needs of the high end, extreme performance enthusiasts and fixed a weakness until it's a definite strength. You need a serious amount of cash to build a system that would make fullest use of what the Zenith Extreme Alpha can bring to the party, but if you do then you'll be pleased to note it is never found wanting. Shut up MEG, the Zenith is back on top.”

    UNITED KINGDOM 04/23/2019
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  • ROG Strix Helios - Not your average gaming chassis. Sleek design, dust-filter protected fans, easily detachable side panels and multi functional cover make this chassis an absolute beast ROG Ryujin 360 Cooler - It allows for a quick glimpse at your PC’s current health while looking awesome all at the same time ROG Zenith Extreme Alpha - Monster of a Motherboard, smooth performance and the brains of any pc

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