15.6” high-performance gaming laptop with Full HD

  • Windows 7 Ultimate or other editions available
  • Intel® Core™ i7 2630QM Processor
  • The G53SX gaming notebook brings the authoritative performance of a full gaming PC to a compact 15-inch form factor.
  • Offered in both NVIDIA® 3D Vision™ and the all new glasses-free 3D built-in
  • it’s a high definition, high performance portable PC with no compromises — delivering action in a new dimension.
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3D Technology

You wanted 3D? We gave it to you, besides NVIDIA® 3D Vision™, we also implemented in Naked-eye 3D technology. Experience games, movies, and photos in stunning 3D.

Awesome audio

 with Creative EAX Advance HD 5.0 detects environments and actions to provide 3D corresponding sound effects THX TruStudio applies optimized audio scenarios to make games, music and movies sound more realisticEAX and THX surround audio boosts game enjoyment and immersion with realistic effects and enveloping sound, while redefining sonic performance in music and movies.

Processing muscle

The popular G53 series has been updated to feature Intel’s® 2nd generation Core™ i5/i7 for an even faster notebook. With performance rivaling that of a desktop computer, the G53SX is ready for anything that you throw at it, from office applications to video encoding and gaming.
One click CPU Level-Up further boosts G53Jw performance on demand.

Always cool

With its eye-catching design, the G53SX deploys unique cooling and noise dampening, with two huge rear venting exhausts that push both heat and noise away from users. This results in a cool and quiet environment.
Rear venting exhausts keep noise and heat away
ASUS ROG G53SX Gaming Notebook

Comfort first

The ergonomic illuminated keyboard sits at a 5 degree angle to increase usability even during long gaming sessions, plus surfaces come wrapped in a rubberized material for even greater ease of use.
G53SX bundles with 3DTV Play from NVIDIA, this realistic 3D effect gets expanded to any compatible screen via HDMI 1.4

Gorgeous graphics

 DirectX11 compatibilityThe G53SX utilizes the brand new NVIDIA GTX 560M with a massive 2GB of GDDR5 memory. Based on Fermi technology, this new graphics processor offers native DirectX®11 for a huge graphics gain in high definition gaming, plus dedicated video acceleration. Bundled with the G53SX is 3DTV Play from NVIDIA, which projects the high definition graphics of this notebook onto any compatible 3DTV via HDMI 1.4. This includes 3D video, games and photos, taking the experience into the living room.
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