Strike in Silence

  • Windows 7 or other editions available
  • Understated, subtly aggressive design inspired by the iconic F-117 stealth fighter
  • Equipped with the most powerful components available today, including the latest Core™ i7 processor and top-end ATI® Mobility Radeon® graphics
  • DirectX 11-capable graphics and 8-channel HD audio with EAX support for unprecedented in-game immersion
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Absolute gaming on a notebook – it’s the next logical step, bringing the power and authority of a desktop rig to an advanced machine that’s a total package for dedicated gamers.

Power through any Challenge

Nothing fazes the G73 – it runs the latest releases in high detail, no more watered down versions. This beast has Intel® Core™ i3/i5/i7 processors that handle all comers with on demand overclocking through Turbo Boost, hurtling CPU speeds up to 3.33GHz. All it takes is one key press and extra power becomes available.

Memory goes up to a formidable 8GB – games run smooth and relentless since nothing needs to be left out. The new G73 signifies a move towards uncompromised notebooks, so we packed it to the gills with hardware.

View to a Thrill

Visuals look awesome on the 17.3” full HD screen, and made even better by the ATI Mobility™ Radeon® HD5870 with 1GB GDDR5 – an overkill GPU taking notebook gaming beyond the edge so you no longer have to switch graphic details off in options menus.

G73 is 100% DX11 compliant – offering all the benefits of the latest graphics standard. Future proofing never had this much firepower.

Even the built-in camera rises above the norm – offering 2 megapixels so gamers can stay in visual contact with one another in style.

The New Spin

High definition has well and truly dawned, it’s now a must in any self-respecting setup. And because G73 is the gaming notebook of choice, it doesn’t cut any corners when it comes to optical media – the Blu-ray Disc/DVD combo drive makes sure of that.

Sounds like Domination

G73 gamers get the upper hand thanks to EAX 4.0 3D surround that makes every morsel of audio come to life in vivid detail for complete spatial awareness. Great gaming deserves great sound – not the tinny output other notebooks have.

Stylish Supremacy

Inspired by the F117 stealth bomber, the matte-finished G73 is an ergonomic feast of gamer-centric features – a huge keyboard that lights up for night time ops and can be turned off instantly for stealth, ample handrest real estate and rubberized surface areas for comfort during prolonged sessions.

Ready for Take Off

Twin rear exhausts draw heat away from the action with some of the best cooling around. This afterburner effect doesn’t come with a noise penalty – G73 is a formidable performer, but it’s deadly silent.

Massive is Good

Ample was the imperative when designing this notebook – down to dual SATA support and up to 1TB in storage, a far cry from the paltry hard drives of most notebooks. Nothing escapes real gamers equipped with enough install space!

Great for Civilians

Games are among the most demanding applications for a PC. This means G73 has more than enough oomph to handle pretty much every other kind of usage you throw at it, should you choose to take time off gaming. It’s a notebook PC, after all – just a very powerful one.

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