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A ROG Phone 6 and a piece of glass screen protector stand on the surface of a planet.

Super-tough, super-easy

A ROG Phone 6 with the glass screen protector attached floats horizontally in the air.
hardness glass1
full coverage
Analog Triggers iconAnti-scratch
Easy application iconEasy application

Invisible protection

A piece of glass screen protector overlaps with a ROG Phone 6.
0.16 mm
super-slim glass2
Anti-fingerprint icon.Anti-fingerprint
Smooth touch sensitivity icon.Smooth touch sensitivity
  1. All images are simulated for illustration purpose.
  2. Please take care to prevent damage to the edge of the screen protector.
  3. Please don‘t drop or attempt to twist or bend the screen protector.
  4. Don‘t allow the surface to come into contact with hard objects.
  5. If any chips, cracks, splits or other blemishes are detected, for safety we recommend replacing or removing it immediately.
  1. Test result provided by ASUS labs.
  2. 0.16 mm is the thickness of the glass, excluding adhesive.


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