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ROG Strix Magnus gaming microphone for Gaming/Streaming

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Republic of Gamers brings to you the ROG Strix Magnus - the first microphone designed especially for game streamers that looks the part as well. Featuring three individual studio-grade condenser capsules for pristine recording quality, environmental noise cancellation (ENC) technology, a compact form factor, and AURA RGB lighting, ROG Strix Magnus goes above and beyond traditional microphones to help you deliver the highest-quality content to your audience. Plus there's an auxiliary port for recording audio from external sources, and comes with an external USB hub for connecting additional devices.

The ROG Strix Magnus features 3 Dedicated recording modes - Cardoid, Stereo and Environmental Noise Cancellation(ENC) which you can switch easily depending on the application needs.

ROG-Exclusive AURA RGB Lighting

The ROG Magnus Microphone is the First and only Microphone to feature RGB lighting effects. You can customize from 16.8 million colors and 4 different lighting effects as per your mood and requirement. ROG Strix Magnus features Aura Sync technology, so you can synchronize its lighting effects with other ROG products with Aura Ready motherboards to create a unique and captivating streaming atmosphere.

Compact Size with Easy control access

The ROG Strix Magnus is 50% smaller than the other Gaming Microphones while delivering unhindered performance. The Space saving design is the result of extensive research and allows it to fit directly behind your keyboard without blocking your view of the screen. 

Also the Controls of the mic are positioned in such a way that its always easy to access during intense gaming sessions, with most of the controls being accessible without even removing your hand from the mouse. There is also a USB 2.0 port for connecting other devices if needed. 

Record and stream music without distortion

ROG Strix Magnus comes with an auxiliary port, so you can connect a musical instrument and record or play live music to your audience with pristine, distortion-free sound quality.





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