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Video Reviews

  • A strong and lightweight laptop with a long battery life is the Flow X13. For individuals who enjoy playing games while travelling and working, this laptop is perfect

  • The Flow X13 2023 model is flexible, powerful and portable. Though the size of that laptop is small, the Flow X13 is packed with performance. You can also use this laptop for video editing, heavy applications and office work.

    Media Reviews

    • In conclusion, the ROG Flow X13 is by far the best 13-inch gaming laptop to come out this year. Not only is it proficient in gaming, but it is also a powerhouse when it comes to content creation, designing and multitasking.

      Business World

      INDIA 06/12/2023
    • For those looking for a Windows gaming laptop that isn’t heavy on the lap, with a good aesthetics and powerful enough internal hardware, the Flow X13 (2023) (GV302) is definitely a contender now.

      The Week

      INDIA 05/25/2023
    • The ROG Flow 2023 launched by Asus is a premium class gaming laptop. In this, you get all the features that you expect from a gaming laptop

      India TV

      INDIA 05/17/2023
    • Because of its sleek looks, strong technology, immersive gaming capabilities, brilliant display, excellent audio, smart design components, and solid battery backup, the ROG Flow X13 stands out as a versatile gaming companion for both enthusiasts and on-the-go gamers, though thermals can be an issue.


      INDIA 07/04/2023
    • Ultimately this device is about raw power. Just like its predecessor this one’s powered by a best-of-breed AMD Ryzen processor.

      Mans world

      INDIA 07/26/2023
    • The Asus ROG Flow X13 is meant for those who value on-the-go productivity but also want a gaming machine that can be made more powerful with an external GPU. If that sounds like you, the ROG Flow X13 is for you. It offers a sturdy build, great display, good performance and battery life without being too heavy in the bag.

      Money Control

      INDIA 06/24/2023
    • While it is true that the 2023 ROG Flow X13 is not as powerful as a full-fledged gaming laptop, there is not a single laptop in its category that can match up. For that, ASUS definitely gets applause from my end.

      91 Mobiles

      INDIA 07/18/2023
    • If you are looking for a portable, aesthetically pleasing and powerful gaming laptop, go for the ROG Flow X13.


      INDIA 06/04/2023

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