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Video Reviews

  • It's like a full-on gaming package on the go. Juts simply carry the Flow Z13 along with the XG mobile in your backpack and that's it you're set for gaming anywhere

    Media Reviews

    • If you are looking for a laptop that is much more capable than its size, ASUS ROG Flow Z13 can be a perfect choice. This is because it comes with an RTX 4070 graphics card and H-Series Core i9 processor - which are generally seen in much bigger gaming set-ups

      Zee Business

      INDIA 06/03/2023
    • The Asus ROG Flow Z13 is a unique product that is suitable for gamers looking for a premium device they also multi-task on. It’s portability and compact size separates it from most other devices in the market

      Business Insider

      INDIA 06/08/2023
    • For this Asus ROG Flow Z13 review, we can say this can fit anywhere from in-flight use to meetings, or a full-blown gaming setup, and still stand out as a unique product.


      INDIA 06/09/2023
    • I love the way it looks and I love being able to connect a beefy GPU when I want some extra performance This is one of the wackiest and coolest gaming machines.


      INDIA 08/17/2023
    • The ROG Flow Z13 is a 2-in-1 device that offers both tablet functionality and high-end gaming performance. With its sleek design, powerful CPU and GPU, and unique connectivity options like the ROG XG Mobile Interface, it offers a balance of portability and power.


      INDIA 08/18/2023
    • The 2023 ROG Flow Z13 is what happens when a gaming laptop and a tablet have a baby that inherits the best genes from both parents. With specs that will make even desktops envious and a form factor that screams portability, this is game-changer, literally and metaphorically.

      Times Now

      INDIA 08/26/2023

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