Why the ROG Phone 6 is perfect for indie games on the go

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Apr 12, 2023 Written by:ROG Article

A girl sitting in a stairwell playing games on the ROG Phone 6.

The ROG Phone 6 is one of our proudest achievements, combining the high-spec world of video games with the portability of a mobile phone. Inside its sleek casing, you'll find a vast suite of features designed to give you the best handheld gaming experience possible. The future of mobile gaming is now, and we're here to show you how to get the most out of your new phone. 

From a dazzling HD display to exclusive tactile AirTrigger controls, the ROG Phone 6 stands tall above any other gaming mobile on the market, allowing you to experience games as they were made to be played. It's high-capacity battery and landscape charging port allow for comfort and flexibility, while state-of-the-art audio visual technology keeps you immersed on –the go.  

Here are a few of our favorite indie games to play on the ROG Phone 6. 

Xenowerk – The ROG Phone 6's 6000 mAh battery keeps you running and gunning 

Top-down perspective of an armored character shooting aliens in a locker room.

Playing a fast-paced shooter like Xenowerk can be pretty taxing on the average phone's battery, especially when you just can't put it down, but the ROG Phone 6 will keep you in the game for longer. Xenowerk has you descending into a research facility with nothing but a flashlight and a few guns, cutting down anything that gets in your path. When you're being attacked from all sides by terrifying aliens, the last thing you need is to be freaking out about your phone dying. 

Bad North – Make split-second decisions with a high-end CPU and tons of RAM 

An island with small cartoonish knights guarding it, with boats pulled up to the shore.

The disarmingly adorable Bad North requires fast, difficult decisions to be made if you want to survive. Fending off Viking invaders with just a small handful of units means thinking about correct placement of troops, knowing when to let some squads rest up, and knowing which units perform best against which enemies. It's a lot to juggle, but with the ROG Phone 6's Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 Mobile Platform and Adreno 730 GPU offering up 10% better CPU and GPU performance compared to the previous generation, and up to 18GB of RAM, you can trust your phone will follow your strategic choices to the letter, as and when you set them in place. 

Wreckfest – Get more control over your crashes with exclusive AirTriggers 

Two beat-up cars driving through a dirt arena.

Racing games on mobile aren't always the most fun to control, but with the ROG Phone 6's AirTriggers, you can get more control over your vehicles and keep your screen free of your fingers as you race around. Wreckfest is the perfect game to showcase these controls, a game about beat-up cars and muddy tracks, where crashing isn't just allowed, it's encouraged. From traditional circuit races to full-on destruction derbies, Wreckfest is quite literally a smashing good time. You can even use the ROG Kunai 3 Gamepad to bring a true console-level feeling to the game. 

One Hand Clapping – Feel the beat with incredible GameFX audio 

A small purple character walking on an imaginary bridge, mouth open singing.

There really isn't another platformer quite like One Hand Clapping, a mobile rhythm game which uses sound-based input as its controls. It'll have you humming and singing to move around the world and traverse the many obstacles you face. It's a great vocal warm-up, and a great use of the ROG Phone 6's GameFX technology. With options to tweak the equalizer to suit your tastes, and super-low latency Snapdragon Sound technology for headphone users, you're in for a crystal clear audio experience. 

Townscaper – Watch your own world come to life with a sharp 165Hz display 

A top-down view of a small town, with multicolored brick buildings.

Relaxing city builder Townscaper allows you to build a town to your heart's content, adding and removing building blocks with a tap of the screen, and watching as your creation grows and changes according to your directions. Such a gorgeous and detailed game deserves a beautiful screen to see it, and the ROG Phone 6 delivers. Not only will the colours pop, but thanks to the 165Hz display, you'll have a seriously responsive screen that won't miss a tap, even as your town expands to ever greater heights. 

Kingdom: Two Crowns – Cast an eye over your land with landscape charging 

A screenshot of Kingdom Two Crowns game, showcasing a crowned figure riding a dragon next to a castle.

Playing games in landscape mode is a staple of mobile gaming, but one without much innovation. Fortunately, the ROG Phone 6's unique landscape charging port is situated on the side of the phone, keeping your fingers clear of cables and your phone battery topped up at the same time. In the gorgeous landscape game Kingdom: Two Crowns, you'll want to see as much of the lands around you as possible. This side-scrolling kingdom management game has dangers lurking around every corner, so having a full view will give you time to plan for the problems ahead. 

No matter which game you choose, the ROG Phone 6's wide array of unique and high-performance features will help you immerse yourself fully in the experience. From ready-for-anything CPU and RAM to incredible audio and visuals, the ROG Phone 6 is the finest gaming smartphone on the market.