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Prezzo ASUS eShop 199,90 €
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    PCM Best Performance 2021

    the functionality performs quite well

    HONG KONG 03/29/2021
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    Gold Award

    Visually appealing and very well manufactured AiO with high cooling performance. The quiet seventh-generation Asetek pump also enables very quiet operation.

    GERMANY 06/24/2021
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  • unikoshardware


    ROG STRIX LC II 280 ARGB 飛龍一體式水冷散熱器,搭載最新 ASETEK 第 7 代水冷頭,ROG 軸向式風扇,帶來更強大的散熱效果,ARGB 燈效維持和上一代相同水準,設計更有科技感,同樣透過 AURA SYNC 生態系整合燈效,提供全方面 6 年保固,漏水保固也讓你安心,ROG STRIX LC II 280 ARGB 售價約為 NT$5,290,壓制最新 R9 5900X 和 i9-11900K 都沒有太多問題。

    TAIWAN 05/14/2021
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    HKEPC Editor's Choice 2021

    It uses Asetek 7th Gen water pump with brand new ARGB axial fans, the heat-cooling effect is quite outstanding

    HONG KONG 07/27/2021
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    Best Performance

    The material used in production is very good. Low noise while in use Easy installation Controlling the heat is considered valid.

    THAILAND 05/14/2021
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Recensioni Video

  • I really enjoyed playing in 4K resolution, and this PC build provided 120 frames at ultra settings.

  • CPU we will be cooled by 280 mm of dropsy.

  • The LC was also released before the new chips, but according to the statements of the ASUS, the pump is able to sit down and therefore you can press this dropsy tightly. And as we can see from the thermal paste print - everything is fine, it fits tightly.

  • Video review from the channel Stiupidmadworld

  • The review from the channel stupidmadworld

  • The review from the channel Texnoplov

    Recensioni Media

    • ROG STRIX LC II 280 ARGB 水冷的更新,讓自家主流級產品也用上高階的 7 代 Asetek 冷頭,風扇同步換上軸向式風扇,在性能上做了升級,在實測下表現也不差,高負載燒機下能讓 i9-11900K 壓在 80 度上下,基本遊戲模擬測試能維持在 60 度內,壓制力可以說是無庸置疑對主流平台日常使用絕對夠用。


      TAIWAN 05/17/2021
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    • ROG STRIX LC II 280 ARGB Review: Shiny Simple Water Cooling with 7th Generation Asetek Pump


      JAPAN 05/29/2021
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    • ASUS ROG Strix LC II 280 ARGB is a product for fans of the ROG brand, with a significant surcharge for the brand. Nevertheless, the system is quite efficient, not to the detriment of the quietness of the work, easy to install, does not require maintenance, and the backlight looks good

      UKRAINE 08/20/2021
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    • We have the winning Ryujin III for over 11,000 CZK in the final price, which is really a racket defensible only for ROG enthusiasts and design fans, who will probably also choose a ROG board, case, power supply incl. accessories, peripherals and ROG logo tattooed all over his back. The Ryuo III model is similar, but the price is already a few thousand lower.

      CZECH REPUBLIC 02/23/2024
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