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ROG AzothExtreme

The ROG Azoth Extreme is a customizable 75% gaming keyboard with a premium aluminum-alloy chassis and metal frame. It features an 8000 Hz report rate with the ROG Polling Rate Booster and over 1600 hours of battery life in ROG SpeedNova 2.4 GHz wireless mode. The upgraded OLED touchscreen and three-way knob enable system monitoring and quick adjustments. The carbon-fiber positioning plate ensures a crisp typing sound, while three dampening layers absorb vibrations. An adjustable gasket mount with a paddle switch offers two typing preferences.

A short clip demonstrating all the parts in ROG Azoth Extreme

Superior Build Quality

  • ROG Azoth Extreme’s metal frame, featuring a distinctive bladed pattern.

    The ROG Azoth Extreme boasts premium aesthetics with its full aluminum-alloy chassis and metal frame, featuring a distinctive bladed pattern. The bottom chassis is achieved through 12 steps of intricate manufacturing processes, including sandblasting, anodizing, CNC machining, and more.

  • ROG Azoth Extreme’s magnetic foot and streak-and-steps of the edges carved with a CNC cutter.

    The streaks and steps on the edges carved with a CNC cutter further showcase commitment to aesthetics.

  • ROG Azoth Extreme’s bottom chassis, focusing on the laser-engraved, polished ROG nameplate.

    A laser-engraved, polished ROG nameplate is positioned at the bottom case, adding a sophisticated touch to the intricate keyboard design.

Carbon-Fiber Positioning Plate

The Azoth Extreme employs a carbon fiber positioning plate that possesses metal-like rigidity, providing a crisp typing sensation. At the same time, carbon fiber’s elasticity offers excellent shock absorption, effectively minimizing vibrations during typing.

ROG Azoth Extreme’s carbon-fiber positioning plate

Three-Layer Dampening Design

The Azoth Extreme utilizes three dampening layers, with two PORON® layers and a silicone pad to absorb vibrations and minimize switch pinging and echoes to offer sublime typing acoustics.

ROG Azoth Extreme’s three-layer dampening, featuring PORON dampening foam, PORON switch pad, and silicone pad.
  • PORON® Dampening Foam
  • PORON® Switch Pad
  • Silicone Pad

Adjustable Gasket Mount Design

An innovative adjustable gasket mount allows users to adjust the typing feel of the Azoth Extreme via a quick-flip paddle switch. In Hard typing mode, the keystroke feel is firm, providing quick rebound that’s ideal for gaming. On the other hand, Soft mode offers a flexible keypress for comfort during extended typing sessions.

Detachable Magnetic Feet

The Azoth Extreme comes with two pairs of magnetic feet with different heights, giving it three tilt angles to suit user preference.

ROG Azoth Extreme’s magnetic feet

Extended Silicone Wrist Rest

Made of silicone and featuring an aluminum-alloy base, the extended wrist rest is tailored to perfectly complement the keyboard. Its ergonomic design ensures comfortable typing experiences while providing firm support over time.

ROG Azoth Extreme’s extended silicone wrist rest with an aluminum-alloy base.

OLED Touchscreen & Three-Way Control Knob

  • System Monitoring
  • KPS Keystrokes Per Second
  • Functions Carousel

This sophisticated 1.47-inch full-color OLED touchscreen can show keyboard status, including Caps Lock, connection mode and PC/Mac mode indicators. It can also display battery level, multimedia info, custom animations, as well as system parameters such as CPU temperature. Intuitive tweaks and settings adjustments can be made via the three-way control knob and a side button.

Versatile Tri-Mode Connection

ROG SpeedNova wireless technology offers up to 1,600+ hours of stable, uninterrupted near-zero-latency gameplay in 2.4 GHz RF mode (RGB and OLED off). Alternatively, you can use Bluetooth mode to connect to up to three devices at the same time, or charge and play simultaneously in wired USB mode.

  • An icon for Bluetooth


  • An icon for Wired USB

    Wired USB

  • RF 2.4 GHz

Experience zero-latency with the ROG Polling Rate Booster – an ROG-exclusive accessory that upgrades your keyboard polling rate up to true 8000 Hz in both wired and wireless mode.

ROG Azoth Extreme and an ROG Polling Rate Booster placed next to the keyboard.

The ROG Omni Receiver allows wireless connection to one compatible keyboard and one compatible mouse at the same time with just one single USB receiver – without compromising performance.
*Your Omni-compatible devices can only be paired with one single receiver at the same time. To switch connections, disconnect your device

ROG Azoth Extreme, ROG Harce Ace Extreme and an Omni Receiver USB dongle placed on the Hone Ace XXL mousepad.

ROG NX Mechanical Switch

ROG NX mechanical switches utilize composite POM material for the stem with PC top housing and POM bottom housing to provide ultra smooth keystrokes, and the walled stem design enhances stability and prevents dust intrusion. Special tuning is also done, coupled with factory pre-lubing, to give the ROG NX keystroke a very satisfying acoustics. Learn More.

ROG NX Snow and Storm Mechanical Switches

Hot-Swappable Switches

Swap and install your preferred switch type for a unique, customized feel.
*Even though the switches are hot swappable, it is not recommended to swap out switches when the keyboard is on to prevent short circuiting the keyboard.

A scenario photo featuring the ROG Azoth Extreme with most of the keycaps and switches removed while scattered around the keyboard

Refined Typing Experience

  • ROG Keyboard Stabilizer

    The pre-lubed keyboard stabilizer has been specially tuned with gamers in mind; it produces less friction, allowing long keys such as Spacebar, Shift and Enter to deliver keystrokes that stay true to the original switch feel.

  • ROG PBT Doubleshot Keycaps

    ROG PBT doubleshot keycaps provide a premium feel and offer long-lasting durability. Key design has been optimized with mid-height keycaps and a shorter stem to reduce key wobble, providing a more comfortable user experience.

    *Keycap material may vary by region.
  • ROG UV-Coated ABS Keycaps

    ROG UV-coated ABS keycaps utilize a layer of hard UV coating to provide superb abrasion resistance protection against keycap shining.

    *Keycap material may vary by region.
  • ROG Azoth Extreme’s space bar with extra lubing and modifications for enhanced acoustics and feel.

    Extra Tuning

    The spacebar has extra lubing and modifications for enhanced acoustics and feel.

Aura Sync

With Aura Sync RGB, the entire color spectrum and a range of dynamic lighting effects are at your command. Individually lit keys allow you to create a keyboard that's uniquely yours.

ROG Azoth Extreme keyboard, ROG Harpe Ace Extreme mouse, and ROG Delta II headset sitting on the Hone Ace XXL mouse pad showcasing RGB lighting.

Armoury Crate

Armoury Crate unifies system and lighting controls. Easily create, define and customize scenario profiles, map keys, and record macros.
For ROG Azoth Extreme, Armoury Crate also allows you to set custom images and animations, audio visualizations, system status monitoring, or customize the knob.

Armoury Crate user interface

Other Features

  • On-the-fly macro recordings

    Record macros on the fly and map them to fully programmable keys.

  • Onboard memory

    Save up to six profiles, including up to five custom schemes, and use them anytime, anywhere.

  • 100% anti-ghosting & N-key rollover

    Every keystroke is registered accurately, no matter how many keys are pressed.

  • MacOS Support

    Easily toggle MacOS mode to remap the keys for use with MacBooks and Macs.


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Full HD 60 fps webcam with AI-powered, noise-canceling mics for superior live-streaming audio and a compact and foldable design that’s easy to carry and attach instantly to any laptop

ROG Strix SQ7 Gen4 SSD 1TB

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ROG Eye USB camera with Full HD 1080p streaming at 60fps, Face AE technology, and beamforming microphone for high streaming video and audio quality

ROG Card Holder II

ROG Card Holder II features a waterproof ID window and a FIDLOCK® directional magnetic quick-release buckle with replaceable strap and rounded lanyard. The design patterns of ROG Card Holder II highlight the ROG aesthetic.

ROG Throne Core

Gaming headset stand with optimized arc design, stable and non-slip base, and compatible with most headsets


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