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  • Cowcotland

    Silver Award

    ROG Strix TKL managed to convince the last reviewer who disliked TKL before. [...] the combination of enlarged and stabilized Ctrl key as well as MX Brown switches on a high position, make it a very potent weapon on FPS and Moba games.

    FRANCE 09/03/2020
  • Lason Arena Gaming

    Lason Worth Award

    Currently the best bang-for-buck RGB TKL mechanical keyboard ASUS has to offer. The Strix Scope TKL deserves the Lason Worthy award!

    PHILIPPINES 01/10/2020
  • Razorman.net


    Small format and good quality

    SPAIN 02/17/2020
  • MurdockCruz


    Siapa sih yang enggak kenal ASUS ROG? Melihat logonya aja pasti udah heboh duluan, apalagi punya perangkatnya. Nah, dari sekian banyak komponen ROG yang udah populer, produsen juga nyatanya

    INDONESIA 03/21/2020

Video Reviews

  • A scientist's third-grade daughter did a free study on the World Wide Web.

  • Have you made your own PC yet? *ASUS most powerful Z690 PC* [Fortnite].

  • Ada ASUS GUNDAM Lagi | Review ASUS ROG STRIX Scope TKL & Impact II GUNDAM Edition

  • KEYBOARD as part of XBOX

    Media Reviews

    • This small sized keyboard is the right product to enjoy mechanical keyboard insilence and without low profile format. With a slick design, it is efficient and looks great with close to no drawback.


      FRANCE 09/22/2020

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