ROG Flow X13 (2023) GV302

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ASUS estore 최저가: ₩2,599,000
ASUS estore 최저가: ₩2,599,000
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    Good Design Award 2023

    ROG FLOW X13 won the Good Design Award 2023, a world-renowed design award.

    JAPAN 10/05/2023
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    Editor's choice

    ROG Flow X13 2023 is a relatively thin and light laptop that can truly be called a gaming laptop. The model is suitable for users who need a compact, yet powerful mobile computer with high battery life.

    UKRAINE 09/06/2023
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    The laptop proved to be very reliable in terms of battery life, and it also has a great, comfortable keyboard and touchpad. 2023 ROG Flow X13 turned out to be a fascinating and enjoyable laptop to use.

    UKRAINE 09/01/2023
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  • The ROG Flow X13 is a powerful, portable gaming laptop.

  • ASUS ROG Flow X13 2023 có thể coi là chiếc laptop gaming 13" mạnh nhất thế giới tại thời điểm hiện tại. Với hiệu năng khủng khi trong một thân máy nhỏ gọn được trang bị CPU AMD Ryzen™ R9 7940HS mới nhất và GPU Nvidia Gefore RTX 4050

  • Đánh giá ASUS ROG Flow X13 (2023): vẫn là chiếc laptop gaming 13" mạnh nhất thế giới

  • Laptop gaming 13" MẠNH NHẤT THẾ GIỚI với RTX 4050 từ nhà ASUS ROG.

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  • ROG Flow X13 is the best in the class!

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  • The ROG Flow X13 is a powerful, portable gaming laptop.

    Teoh YC

    SINGAPORE 06/02/2023
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  • Laptop Asus ROG Flow X13 mang thân hình nhỏ gọn, mỏng nhẹ nhưng lại mang một sức mạnh đáng gờm.


    VIETNAM 08/29/2023
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  • The powerful hardware of ROG Flow X13 allows for a variety of use cases, making it possible to solve problems of any complexity in the absence of a stationary work or gaming PC

    KAZAKHSTAN 10/12/2023
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