Laptop Gaming At The Cutting Edge

Processor and Graphics

ROG G series gaming laptops always house the heavy-hitting hardware to maximize your gaming experience. Combining Intel 3rd generation (for G75, G55 and G46) and 4th generation (for G750) quad-core processors with Nvidia GTX 600 series (for G75, G55 and G46) and GTX 700 series (for G750) yields immense gaming performance.


Fast Storage and sizable Memory

While gamers often focus on CPU and GPU heavily in a purchase, the G Series designers know that a more rounded approach is required to create the ultimate in responsiveness and function. This means up to 32GB of 1,600MHz DDR3 can be added, and there are SSD/SSH (hybrid drive) or RAID 0 options that yield great storage performance with choice for upgraders.

Intel Thunderbolt Technology

G55VW, G75VX and G750 series feature Intel Thunderbolt technology. The 10Gbps connection (that doubles up as a DisplayPort output) is the fastest consumer connection available, and is suitable for high performance peripherals. The inclusion of Thunderbolt can be identified by either looking for the sticker or by checking with the retailer before purchase.


Display Immersiveness

Gaming is nothing without immersion though, so high PPI full HD and Nvidia 3D Stereoscopic (120Hz) displays aim to draw the gamer in with fast, pin-sharp visuals. Display outputs vary by model, but can include d-sub, HDMI (1.4) and DisplayPort (1.1 and 1.2).

3D Ready versus 3D Capable

All modern G series are 3D Capable, meaning when plugged into a 3DTV or 3D LCD Monitor like the ASUS VG series, they can output a 3D image. 3D Ready G Series are equipped with a 120Hz LCD display.

Overall, the high PPI LCD combined with fast or 3D gaming puts all that hardware inside to good use. Combine a G series with an ROG headset and mouse and you're good to game anywhere and everywhere.


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