Sound Innovations

SupremeFX [2014] Series

SupremeFX [2014] SupremeFX 2014 and SupremeFX 2014 Formula audio hardware technologies, and Sonic software series.

Phoebus Innovations

Phoebus Innovations See what designs make ROG's leading gaming sound-card so special.

Phoebus Control Box

Phoebus Control BoxThe Phoebus control box provides a handy volume control, an array mic and headset jacks!

Sonic Radar II

Sonic Radar II Second generation Sonic Radar technology is an evolution. Here's the different the update brings.

Active Noise Cancelling

Active Noise CancellingActive Noise Cancelling technology isolates you from your environment, allowing you to focus entirely on your gaming.

Orion Innovations

Orion Innovations Learn more about the Orion headsets

Vulcan Innovations

Vulcan Innovations Learn more about the Vulcan headsets

Previous Generation Innovations

Sonic Radar

Sonic Radar A visual representation of what you hear gives gamer’s the edge, or can be used as an enabler for those hard of hearing.

SupremeFX [2013]

Sound Technologies The 2013 version of SupremeFX features on the Hero and Gene motherboards.

SupremeFX Advanced [2013]

SupremeFX Advanced [2013] The 2013 SupremeFX Advanced is the pinnacle of motherboard audio, exceeding the performance of even some discrete sound cards.


USB sound device for consoles and PCs. Includes headphone amping and ENC.

SupremeFX IV

Amped For Perfect Audio

SupremeFX III

Crystal Clear Audio For Gamers
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