ROG Spatha

Complete control for MMO victory

  • Programmable 12-button design optimized for MMO gaming
  • Increased flexibility – play in wired or wireless modes
  • Easy-swap switchable socket design for customizable click resistance
  • Customizable ASUS Aura RGB LED lighting effects across three zones, with Aura Sync support in wired mode
  • Solidly-built magnesium alloy chassis
  • Built-in flash memory to save your favorite profiles
  • Exclusive ROG Armoury interface for easy customization of buttons, performance, and light settings.
  • 8200 DPI, 150 ips, 30g acceleration and 2000Hz USB polling rate supported in wired mode for pixel-precise mouse tracking
  • 3D-printing-friendly design


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  • Omron® switches with 20-million-click durability
  • Easy-swap switchable socket design
  • Six tactile thumb buttons
  • Mayan-patterned rubber grip
  • Magnesium alloy chassis
  • Magnetic charging station
  • Alps® encoder scroll wheel
  • 2-level DPI switch
  • LED battery indicator
  1. 20 million-click durability Omron switches
    Easy-swap switchable socket design
  2. Six tactile thumb buttons
  3. Mayan-patterned rubber grip
  4. Magnesium Alloy Chassis
  5. Magnetic charging station
  6. Alps encoder scroll wheel
  7. 2-level DPI switch
  8. LED battery indicator

    Twelve programmable buttons for MMO gaming

    ROG Spatha has a total of 12 programmable buttons, including six thumb buttons, to give you intuitive command and control. It fits perfectly in your hand, and has been ergonomically-designed to give you tactile feedback and response.

    Customizable switch socket design

    Gaming mouse buttons take a lot of punishment, and that's why the buttons on ROG Spatha feature durable Omron® switches with a 20-million-click lifespan. The exclusive switchable socket design allows for easy customization too.

    ▶Learn more about the ASUS-exclusive switchable socket design


    Six programmable thumb buttons

    ROG Spatha comes with fully-programmable thumb buttons with Alps® switches to give you tactile feedback. The six buttons are arranged to resemble the iconic ROG eye and are designed to provide intuitive control and feel.

    Specially-designed micro-USB cable prevents the cable dragging on desk.

    The left and right buttons are independent of the mouse body for a tactile click response.

    The DPI clutch enables instant switching between two sensitivity levels:
    - Standard speed for everyday gaming
    - Extra-low speed for better aiming and accurate sniping

    The scroll wheel features an Alps encoder for a positive stepped action.

    Premium magnesium alloy chassis for increased durability.

    Special steel-gray non-stick coat and textured Mayan-stenciled rubber panels for an assured grip.

    ROG Spatha's 8200DPI laser sensor and 2000Hz polling rate give you extreme precision and response – even the slightest movement will be tracked.

    Ergonomic right-handed design that's ideal for palm- and claw-grippers.

    wireless and Wired – it's your choice

    ROG Spatha utilizes a high-speed wireless connection for high data throughput and low latency to ensure all your movements are tracked accurately. And once the battery runs out, you can continue using it while charging, all without losing response and performance.



    • Low battery level

    • Medium battery level

    • Ready

    Customizable light effects across three zones

    ROG Spatha has an aggressive angular design that stands out. You can even customize the LED light effects on the scroll wheel, side buttons and ROG logo from a wide range of colors.

    Experience ROG Spatha's lighting modes

    outshine the competition aura sync

    Perfect Lighting In Sync

    ASUS Aura Sync technology takes RGB lighting beyond the checkbox by letting you control the LEDs on all of your Aura-enabled products. Achieve perfect, harmonious lighting effects across your motherboard, ROG Spatha, and an ever-growing portfolio of Aura-enabled products — all from a single application.

    Learn more about Aura Sync > Note 1: ROG Spatha supports Aura Sync in wired mode only. Synchronization between the ASUS motherboard, graphics card and ROG Spatha is enabled and controlled by Aura-ready motherboards. Visit the support page for your Aura-enabled motherboard and download Aura software by clicking Driver & Tools > Utilities.

    Note 2: To synchronize Aura between ROG Spatha and Claymore only, open the ROG Armoury and select the Claymore lighting tab. While the Armoury is activated, press and hold the Fn key and then press the ROG SYNC hotkey. Synchronization will take about 10 seconds. To stop synchronization, repeat the same process.
    ROG Spatha

    Prepare for battle with ROG Armoury

    Customize user profiles, lighting effects, and program macros via the intuitive ROG Armoury dashboard.

    Built-in flash memory to save five profiles


    ROG Spatha features an exclusive hot-swap switch socket design for easy upgrades. Use the bundled screwdriver to remove the four bottom screws to release the top cover and gain access to the sockets.

    *Bundled screwdriver required

    3d printing friendly

    The new era of customization. Make it your own.

    3D printing goes beyond mere aesthetics: It allows you to design and create a mouse that truly fits your hand and grip, with a look that is distinctly yours.

    • Ring finger rest

      (Original design)
    • No finger rest

    • Ring and pinky
      finger rest

    Customize and 3D print in four simple steps

    • Download

      Select the 3D source files you want to download.

    • Personalize

      Adjust size or shape, add text or change other attributes.

    • Print

      Use your own 3D printer, or find a local vendor or an online vendor.

    • Attach

      Easily fit your new 3D-printed part into existing mounting holes.


    Gaming is in our blood, and our R&D engineers worked extensively with professional gamers, took their feedback into consideration, and developed a gaming mouse that's designed to withstand the rigors of marathon gaming sessions. ROG Spatha is engineered for performance and durability, and stands ready for you to take into battle.

    Game on, anywhere!

    ROG Spatha features its own hard case and gives you the convenience of one braided and one rubber USB cable. Simply connect one to the charging station, and keep the other one together with Spatha in the stylish hard case to take to LAN parties.

      Package contents:

    • 1 x wireless receiver/ charging dock
    • 1 x 2-meter braided USB cable
    • 1 x 1-meter rubber USB cable
    • 2 x Japanese-made Omron switches
    • 1 x carry case
    • 1 x star-head screwdriver
    • 2 x ROG logo stickers
    • 1 x ROG certificate
    • Superior Specs
    • Intuitive control
    • Ultimate customization
    • Built for gamers
    • Best mobility


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