Nov 02, 2011 Written by:ASUS

Crosshair V Formula breaks the barrier again

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Nott too long ago, AMD wowed the overclocking world when they set a world record of 8.43GHz with their latest Bulldozer processor. And now an overclocker named Andre Yang surpassed the old record set by AMD.

Adopting the same method of enabling only 2 of the original 8 cores of the Bulldozer Processor and using ASUS very own ROG Crosshair V Formula, he blitzed to a new world record of 8.46GHz.

The thing to note is that Andre only applied a core voltage of 1.992v whereas AMD did it with 2.016v. Certainly this is what ASUS ROG Crosshair V Formula is good at “OVERCLOCK IT TO THE MAX”.

Hmm, something tells me that another world record might be right around the corner now. So what do you guys think? Share your thoughts on this at the ROG forums or ROG Facebook page.

CPU-Z world record on Crosshair V Formula
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