The best fast-paced racing games for the ROG Phone 6

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Jan 26, 2023 Written by:ROG Article

When it comes to high-end mobile gaming, there's truly nothing better than the ROG Phone 6 — but you need great games to go with it. We’ve partnered with the experts over at Pocket Tactics, the world’s biggest mobile gaming website, to put some of the best Android games in the spotlight so that you have something perfect to play on day one.

Horizon Chase

Fans of the classic racers will find a lot to love in Horizon Chase. This is pure arcade thrills distilled down to their very core, with retro-inspired graphics, fast-paced racing, and a killer soundtrack to boot. With over 20 cars to unlock and over 100 races to take part in, you'll never be bored by this old-school racer.

The ROG Phone 6's high-refresh-rate display paired with the innovative AirTriggers make for a uniquely immersive on-the-go racing experience. The two ultrasonic buttons support various gestures and are sensitive to how hard you press, meaning you can enjoy console-level gameplay no matter where you are.


Wreckfest is as much about destroying your competition as it is about winning races. With a detailed destruction model, this is a game for those who don't mind getting their cars roughed up, and want to unleash vehicular carnage on those around them. From standard circuit races to all-out destruction derbies, you can expect a smashing good time here.

And there's no better way to experience the joy of destruction than on ROG's new ultra-powerful gaming phone. When lining up those huge crashes, you'll benefit hugely from the AirTrigger controls, which make the mobile version of this riotously enjoyable game almost indistinguishable from its console versions.

Race the Sun

Racing isn't just restricted to cars. In Race the Sun, you're piloting a solar-powered ship for as long as you possibly can, dodging obstacles and staying out of the shadows to avoid falling out of the sky. It's marginally more relaxed than the other games on this list, thanks to its chill, minimalist graphics, but the threat of a setting sun will keep you on your toes for the entirety of every run.

The ROG Phone 6's AirTriggers will help you keep an eye on everything on the screen by keeping your fingers out of the way, using the top of the phone to navigate the many obstacles in your path. That way you can enjoy the gorgeous graphics even more, and ensure you'll be chasing the sun even longer.

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