AeroActive Cooler 5

By delivering even more airflow directly to hotspots on the back cover of the ROG Phone 5 series, the AeroActive Cooler 5 clip-on external cooling fan can lower the surface temperature near the CPU. This translates directly into better performance. With two new physical control buttons, AeroActive Cooler 5 gives you genuine console-like control gaming experience.

  • Efficiently lowers the surface temperature by up to a stunning 15°C
  • Two extra physical buttons that give you incredible console-like control
  • The kick-stand can prop up your phone to enjoy immersive audio and visual experiences
  • A pocket-sized external cooling fan that simply clips on to the back of your phone
Play Cool!
Installation guide
Active cooling
Up to
lower surface temperature1
Extra controls
Physical Buttons
Kick-stand Design
  • Test result provided by ASUS labs, compared to the skin temperature of ROG Phone 5 without AeroActive Cooler.


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