Conquer every keystroke with precise and reliable ROG NX and ROG RX Switches

May 12, 2022 Written by:Jerry Pan

To game at a high level, you need to build up muscle memory: the instinctive reactions that let you respond in the moment to the on-screen action. A consistent and reliable keyboard helps make this possible, so in 2021, we engineered new ROG key switches to boost your gameplay.

We offer two families of switches, each of which offer distinct weights and typing feels to personalize your experience. ROG NX switches are the first choice for gamers who love the familiar feel and sound of mechanical switches but demand finely tuned hardware. ROG RX Optical Mechanical Switches harness the power of light to give you lightning-quick actuation, and their hollow, square-stem design with four corner latches and x-stabilizers ensures consistent inputs with no wobble.

You’ll find ROG NX and ROG RX Switches in our entire keyboard lineup. Every person and every setup is unique, so we offer a wide range of options with a variety of layouts and switch types.


Need the features and familiarity of a full-size deck? Pick up an ROG Strix Scope NX or ROG Strix Scope RX. Want a more compact layout? Grab a tenkeyless ROG Strix Scope NX TKL or the ultracompact ROG Falchion NX, both equipped with your choice of a variety of ROG NX Switches. For the most flexibility, grab the modular ROG RX-equipped ROG Claymore II. Whatever layout best fits your gaming style, there’s an ROG keyboard ready for battle.

The new face of mechanical switches

Mechanical switches are familiar favorites among gamers worldwide. For the ROG NX line, we carefully redeveloped this component using feedback directly gathered from the gaming community. The resulting keyboards offer the signature feel, sound, and responsiveness of mechanical switches, but with a precisely calibrated force curve that gives a consistent, reliable feel to each keystroke.

The name of the game here is consistency. ROG NX Switches exceed industry standards, offering a ±5 gf actuation force and ±0.4mm travel distance to provide consistent key feel. You can count on each switch to feel and respond the same, every time. Even further, the 0mm gap between the actuation point and reset point (1.0mm for the ROG RX Blue Switches) makes rapid-fire presses easy to rattle off, even in the fastest-paced games. The point at which the keypress actuates on the downstroke is the same as the point at which the key resets on the upstroke, so each press is consistent even when you’re repeatedly hitting the same key. They’re rated for 70 million actuations, too, so you can count on this performance over the long term.

Of course, we know that keyboard enthusiasts also love to customize their decks. ROG NX Switches use a standard cross-shaped stem so that you can easily swap out the preinstalled keycaps with a fresh set. Devotees of durable, long-lasting PBT plastic can upgrade their keyboard with the ROG PBT Keycap Set, and there’s a wide range of third-party options you might consider, as well. PBT keycaps for the ROG Strix Scope RX will be available soon, with keycaps for the Claymore II following in November 2021.

nx switches

ROG NX Switches come in a variety of types to satisfy the preferences of any gamer. ROG NX Red Switches offer a smooth, linear stroke that’s built for fast-paced gaming. Their short 1.8mm actuation distance means that each press triggers quickly, while a light initial force of 40gf minimizes accidental keystrokes.

Many gamers prefer switches with a tactile bump at the actuation point. This physical feedback along the stroke allows you to hone in on using just the right amount of force to actuate each press without bottoming out the key. ROG NX Blue Switches further emphasize this tactile bump with a bright, metallic click sound and a longer 2.3mm actuation point, and they provide firm and sure key feel with their 65gf tactile force.

ROG NX Brown Switches draw a balance between the other two types. They offer a short 2mm actuation point so that each press registers nearly instantly, yet there’s a pronounced tactile bump that reinforces each press with physical feedback.

nx keyboards

You’ll find all three varieties of ROG NX Switches in a range of keyboards. For those who make regular use of the numpad, we offer the full-size ROG Strix Scope NX. Its durable aluminum top plate makes it a rock-solid foundation for your gaming exploits and provides a vivid backdrop for the per-key Aura Sync RGB LED lighting. If you don’t need a numpad, consider the ROG Strix Scope NX TKL. Both boards are available in deluxe versions with a magnetic detachable wrist rest.


Perhaps you’re interested in something even smaller. The ROG Falchion NX is a 65% keyboard that’s compact, portable, and wireless. Despite its small size, it puts all the essential functions under your fingers, including arrow and navigation keys, and it has a capacitive touch bar on the left panel that gives you a convenient interface for adjusting volume, launching an in-game macro, switching apps, or many other functions. Durable PBT keycaps resist the oily sheen that can build up over time on other plastics, and an innovative keyboard cover protects the Falchion when you take it on the road.

Gaming at the speed of light

When it comes to raw speed, nothing beats a beam of light. ROG RX Optical Mechanical Switches use an optical trigger that utilizes light to detect each key actuation. Each press registers with lightning speed, and the switches’ optical mechanism lets them operate with near-zero debounce delay, too.


The optical trigger is tucked inside a housing that provides a typing feel unlike any other key switch on the market. Rather than using a narrow central stem, ROG RX Switches have a large, hollow stem that’s securely held in place with four corner latches, and an x-stabilizer that keeps the cap moving smoothly throughout the stroke. This arrangement provides exceptional force consistency. It takes a similar amount of pressure to actuate the switch no matter where your fingers press on the key. What’s more, the physical mechanism of ROG RX Switches greatly minimizes key wobble. The keycaps stay in place under your fingers in the heat of battle to keep you from being distracted by unexpected movement. This design also ensures that these switches can go the distance. Each is rated for a 100-million keystroke lifespan.

Customization options let you personalize your ROG RX keyboard. The hollow stem lets the centrally placed RGB LEDs shine through evenly. Since the illumination can radiate in all directions, the light produces smooth gradients that are vivid and bold from any angle.

ROG RX Optical Mechanical Switches come in two flavors: ROG RX Red and ROG RX Blue. Like their ROG NX cousins, ROG RX Red Switches have a smooth, linear stroke that’s built for speed. Their supremely short 1.5mm actuation point enables lightning-fast inputs, while a gentle initial force of 40gf helps prevent accidental keystrokes. ROG RX Blues also have a short 1.5mm actuation point, but have the firm, clicky, and tactile feel preferred by many gamers and typists.


You’ll find the ROG RX Optical Mechanical Switches in the ROG Strix Scope RX and the innovative ROG Claymore II. The Claymore uses a modular design to give you a full-size layout with a numpad when you need it and a compact tenkeyless layout when you want it. The detachable tenkey includes a volume roller and four programmable keys, and it connects to either side of the main board. Wireless connectivity lets you enjoy a cord-free desk, or you can use its wired mode and take advantage of the integrated USB passthrough.

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A key switch for every gamer

Gamers have a wide range of preferences when it comes to the switches in their keyboards. Some prefer a smooth, linear feel for their keys, while others prefer a tactile bump. Some gamers love a bit of click and clack with their keystrokes, and some insist on a quieter typing experience. One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to keyboard layout, either. While many are content with a full-size layout, others are always on the lookout for compact, space-saving designs.

No matter what kind of keyboard experience you prefer, there’s an ROG keyboard with the layout and typing feel you’re looking for. ROG NX and ROG RX Switches provide you the essential performance you need for gaming excellence, and they’re available in a wide range of designs that cater to the desires of every gamer. Step up your game to an accurate, reliable, and fast ROG gaming keyboard. Your new favorite deck awaits.