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Still The Best Gaming Phone On The Market, Aside from that, the ROG Phone 5s Pro still includes all the things that make the ROG Phone 5 series such a blast. From the Air Triggers letting you better replicate the feel of a controller to its great 64MP main camera powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 series chipset, you’re getting a great phone for the price.

gamer braves

MALAYSIA 2021/10/11

ROG Phone 5s Pro able to maintain 60 FPS more stably on games, which is a very good upgrade compared to the previous gen.


MALAYSIA 2021/10/11

you’ll be getting a super powerful gaming phone with a solid build and stylish exterior. The latest Snapdragon 888+ chipset definitely gives it extra bonus marks in terms of performance, especially for hardcore gamers or esports players.


MALAYSIA 2021/10/11

"Secara pendapat peribadi, ROG Phone 5s Pro tetap menjadi “gaming phone” terbaik buat masa ini, dengan konfigurasi yang canggih. Ini pasti memuaskan hati mana-mana gamer yang tegar."

gamer santai

MALAYSIA 2021/10/11