OC Panel

Combining the experience of the OC Station and OC Key, the OC Panel performs a two-fold function for overclockers. It comes bundled with the Maximus VI Extreme, but will work with all Maximus VI series motherboards and can be mounted on the desktop or within the case using the bundled 5.25" adapter.


Standard Mode

In standard mode the OC panel can read-out temperatures and voltages, while the O.C. button activates the CPU Level Up function to increase the CPU frequency on the fly.


Extreme Mode

In Extreme mode, the OC Panel really comes alive. Along the edge is the SubZero sense,  while the functions can be controlled by the buttons built into the fascia. The idea is that before or during benching you no longer need to touch a sensitive system as everything can be changed remotely via hardware.


Popping off the cover reveals the bevvy of extreme overclocking features.


  1. VGA SMBus readout
  2. 2x 4-pin fan headers
  3. 1x VGA Hotwire
  4. Voltage check-points
  5. 1x VGA Hotwire
  6. 2x 4-pin fan headers
  7. Pause button
  8. Slow mode

OC Panel Case Install Guide

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