Enjoy immersive audio on all your devices with the all-new Delta S Wireless

Aug 26, 2022 Written by:ROG Article

A photo of the ROG Delta S Wireless headset hanging on a headphone hook next to a gaming PC.

The next addition to ROG’s Delta headset family lets you enjoy high quality audio without limits. As our first dual-mode wireless headset, featuring 2.4GHz and low latency Bluetooth, the Delta S Wireless enables unparalleled compatibility and mobility. Whether you game on a PC, Mac, console, or your phone, the ROG Delta S Wireless makes sure you get the best audio in every game. 

Whether you’re watching your favorite movie, enjoying some tunes, or diving deep into a game session, audio quality is key to an immersive experience. The Delta S Wireless features exclusive 50mm ASUS Essence drivers in an airtight chamber, providing a balanced sound signature with more depth and texture when compared to standard headsets.  We’ve also designed the PCB layer of the Delta S Wireless with ROG Hyper-Grounding technology, providing a multi-layer circuit board to eliminate electromagnetic interference to ensure your listening experience is simply pure, noise-free audio. 

When you're with your squad on the battlefield, you can't allow background noise to disrupt your tactics—so we packed the Delta S Wireless with the latest communications tech as well. AI Beamforming microphones, cleverly hidden in the frame of the headset, allow your teammates to hear your commands with no visible boom mic. You won't have to worry about positioning your mic arm when taking a quick drink or blowing out your comms with ambient noise, all while your teammates will enjoy the clear communication thanks to exceptional voice pick-up. AI Beamforming Microphones create a focused zone targeting your mouth to hone in on your voice, and avoid noise from other directions. Then, the integrated AI Noise-Cancelation further reduces unwanted sound by detecting and isolating over 500 million types of background noise by up to 95%, ensuring that your Discord or TeamSpeak call stays clear. The level of AI Noise-Cancelation can be adjusted in Armoury Crate between High, Medium, and Low to suit your preferences. From keyboard clicks to vacuum cleaners and background voices, AI Beamforming Microphones and AI Noise-Cancelation work as a team to remove audible clutter, delivering just the sounds you need.

A photo of the ROG Delta S Wireless headset lying next to an ROG Flow X13 laptop and ROG Phone.

The Delta S Wireless is the best audio solution we've ever designed, and we want you to enjoy that quality everywhere you go--so it's also our most flexible headset yet. The Delta S wireless comes equipped with not one, but two different wireless connections: 2.4GHz for usage on USB-equipped PCs and consoles, and low latency Bluetooth for mobile devices. On any given day, you might game on your PC, listen to music on your smartphone, and kick back on the couch for some console gaming. With its dual wireless connection, you can easily enjoy the high-quality audio from the Delta S Wireless, no matter what device you use. The Delta S Wireless includes two ear cushion options, offering customizable comfort. You can easily switch between the ROG Hybrid Ear Cushions made from breathable mesh-fabric and the ROG Protein Leather Ear Cushions for better noise isolation. Weighing in at just 310 grams, you can comfortably take the Delta S Wireless with you anywhere, and it comes equipped with a stealthy USB-C wireless adapter stored in the frame of the headset, ensuring it’s always ready to rock. 

A life without wires requires exceptional battery life. The Delta S Wireless provides up to 25 hours of usage on a single charge, capable of keeping up with your longest gaming sessions. Stay connected to the game, not cables, thanks to fast charging support, which grants up to 3 hours of use time in just 15 minutes.  

While the Delta S Wireless is the latest and greatest addition to the family, our Delta headset lineup is packed with premium headsets that match your lifestyle. For a simple plug and play solution, we have the Delta Core, featuring the tried and true 3.5mm jack. For an ultra-lightweight design, the 270 gram Delta S Core guarantees all day comfort. The USB-powered Delta makes a bold statement with its Aura Sync RGB LEDs, the Delta S features an ESS 9281 Quad DAC and AI Noise-Canceling Microphone for superior sound and crystal clear comms, and the Delta S Animate goes even further with its fully customizable AniMe Matrix™ displays. If you’ve been on the hunt for a premium headset with gaming pedigree, the ROG Delta family has the right option for you.