The ROG Strix Go 2.4 is the ideal wireless headset for gaming anywhere

Jan 06, 2020 Written by:ROG Article

It doesn’t matter if you’re gaming at home or on the road—performance and comfort need to be consistent across all your hardware. Compromise one or the other, and the potential pleasure of gaming on the go quickly turns into an annoyance. The new ROG Strix Go 2.4 wireless headset was built to keep you competitive for hours at a time, no matter which device you take with you.

This gaming headset achieves super-low latency over a 2.4GHz connection for the quickest possible auditory feedback in games. Its USB-C wireless transceiver extends compatibility to PCs and laptops, Nintendo’s Switch, and a long list of USB-C-equipped phones. Bundled USB 2.0 and 3.5mm adapters allow you to plug the Strix Go 2.4 into just about any other gaming device you can name.

Crisp, high-resolution sound travels to your ears by way of 40mm ASUS Essence drivers in airtight chambers for maximum immersion. And you can be sure you’re heard loud and clear thanks to a detachable noise-canceling boom mic enhanced by a proprietary AI-powered algorithm that utterly defeats distracting sounds around you.

When you’re done dominating the battlefield, you can fold the ROG Strix Go 2.4 up and slip it into the bundled travel pouch. And at just 290g, you won’t even notice it in your backpack.

Great gamers need high-performance audio

If your gaming headset can’t perform, it has no business being on top of your head. Sound quality is the most fundamental category by which headsets are judged, so we built the Strix Go 2.4 around a pair of 40mm ASUS Essence drivers to make sure sound remains clean and distortion-free. Hyper Grounding circuit design further ensures that the Strix Go 2.4 delivers the highest fidelity possible.

strix go-5

Inside of each cup, the area around the drivers was designed to create a wider soundstage. Rubber around the chambers creates an airtight seal, maintaining the tautness of deep bass and the upper register’s crispness. When you plug the Strix Go 2.4 into a 3.5mm audio jack, the headset can even reproduce Hi-Res audio, stretching frequency response from 10Hz all the way up up to 40kHz.

Because voice chat is such an important part of today’s multiplayer games, we put a unique and extensive effort into making sure you’re heard loud and clear regardless of what’s happening around you. The Strix Go 2.4 includes a detachable, bi-directional boom mic bolstered by AI-powered noise-canceling technology. We trained a noise-canceling model on a massive database containing a wide range of environmental noise samples so that the Strix Go 2.4 can identify unwanted sounds and counteract them. Even in the noisiest surroundings, your teammates will be able to hear you loud and clear.

Even when it’s inconvenient to break out the boom mic, you can still take part in the team chatter. A second mic, hidden in one of the ear cups, also benefits from our AI-powered noise cancellation technology to filter out environmental distractions.

Eliminating latency with a 2.4GHz RF link

Performance extends beyond the Strix Go 2.4’s sound. It supports wireless connectivity, so you’re already expecting the freedom to stand up and walk around. But you also want ultra- low latency so that you can respond to auditory stimuli in games as fast as you possibly can.

strix go-4

By ditching Bluetooth, we’re able to circumvent the lag sometimes associated with that wireless technology’s software stack. Instead, our Strix Go 2.4 uses a 2.4GHz radio frequency link that’s pre-established between the headset’s dual antennas and the USB-C dongle. There are no drivers to install or pairing procedures to struggle with. The connection is always on, so long as both sides are in range of each other.

We even put plenty of thought into the construction of the USB transceiver itself. Competing headsets use a T-shaped USB dongle that spreads the radio’s components to both sides of a USB-C port, blocking any ports to the left and right of the plug. Our L-shaped dongle shifts the electronics to one side, allowing you to pick the most obstruction-free orientation for your gaming platform. Devices without USB-C are supported through bundled USB-C-to-USB 2.0 and 3.5mm adapters.

Long battery life and fast charging keep battery anxiety at bay

Wireless hardware often comes with a certain amount of battery anxiety, but worry not. The Strix Go 2.4 is good for up to 25 hours of nonstop gaming, and fast charging support means you’re never far from the action even if you do run out of juice.

Let’s say you use the Strix Go 2.4 for a few consecutive days without plugging it in and run the headset’s battery down. Hook it up to a USB-C or USB 3.0 port for just 15 minutes, and you’ll get three hours of use from that brief charge. No other headset on the market gets as much boost from a quick top-off.

Convenient to carry, comfortable to wear

It’s easy enough to keep a headset tucked away next to your gaming PC. But when you hit the road, every piece of equipment you tote along represents extra bulk. The more you carry, the more you have to keep track of. That’s why we ship the Strix Go 2.4 in a protective pouch with room for the headset and all of its accessories.

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The headset’s 290g weight will probably make it one of the lightest parts of your everyday carry—a fact you’ll be happy about after a few hours of gaming, too. Pillowy memory foam and protein leather pads form a robust seal around your ears, while ample cushioning under the headband ensures that the top of your skull is equally comfortable.

Both earcups are positioned ergonomically with a 13-degree tilt relative to the headband. This lets the cups fit over your ear without the superfluous weight of a larger, rounder housing. The drivers inside of our earcups are angled for maximum compatibility with the way human ears pick up sound, too. All together, those optimizations yield optimal fit and audio quality.

Controls designed to work with you

Without realizing it, most gamers instinctively reach for the left ear cup when they need to adjust their headset’s volume or mic position. So that’s where we put the Strix Go 2.4’s hardware controls, freeing you to continue clicking away with the mouse in your right hand.

The volume dial clicks in to mute or unmute the microphone, and a voice notification announces the mic’s status. Below the rocker switch, a three-function button controls media playback. Press once to play or pause your music, press twice to skip forward, or press three times to play the previous track. Under that, a two-position switch toggles between wireless and wired mode. 

Our Armoury II software exposes even more of the Strix Go 2.4’s functionality. Preset profiles, including a virtual surround sound mode, affect the headset’s frequency response. Or, if you’d rather optimize by hand, a 10-band equalizer allows granular control over the spectrum from 32Hz to 16kHz. Environmental effects, a bass boost feature, and microphone filters are adjustable through Armoury II, as well.

The ROG Strix Go 2.4 is great for gaming anywhere, anytime

If you’re going to buy a gaming headset, you need it to work with all of your devices, from the PC under your desk to the phone in your pocket and your Nintendo Switch when it’s out and about. Between its 2.4GHz wireless connection, USB-C-to-USB 2.0 adapter, and 3.5mm cable, our ROG Strix Go 2.4 covers all your bases.

You want your new headset to sound great, too, whether you’re home alone in a quiet house, out in a noisy coffee shop, or riding the subway. We have you covered there too, thanks to our closed 40mm Essence drivers and incredibly effective AI-enhanced noise cancellation technology behind both microphones.

With the ROG Strix Go 2.4, comfort is a given. And since this headset gives you up to 25 hours of battery life on a single charge, you’ll both look great and stay comfortable.

We’ll be showing off the ROG Strix Go 2.4 at our CES 2020 showcase, located at the Planet Hollywood Las Vegas Resort and Casino. To arrange a media tour, or to learn more about pricing and availability in your region, please contact your local ASUS representative.

by Paul Cross