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ROG Cetra Core

In-ear gaming headphones with 10mm ASUS Essence drivers and 3.5mm connector for PC, laptop, mobile and Nintendo Switch

  • Exclusive 10mm ASUS Essence drivers deliver incredibly strong bass and optimized gaming sound
  • Optimized for handheld mode: 90-degree cable connector provides hassle-free portable gaming
  • 3.5mm connector for multiplatform support, not just for mobile phones but also for PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch
  • Secure and comfortable fit with an ergonomic design and three sizes of ear gels and ear fins
  • A handy inline control provides instant, convenient access to play, pause and volume adjustments

Large 10mm ASUS Essence drivers

Designed with a wide frequency response of 20–40kHz, the exclusive 10mm ASUS Essence driver provides incredibly strong bass and optimized gaming sound, so you‘ll enjoy an exceptionally immersive and detailed audio experience.

Perfectly angled for handheld gaming

ROG Cetra Core comes with a 90-degree connector that keeps the headphone cable out of your way for hassle-free and comfortable portable gaming experiences.

Secure and comfortable fit

Get a comfortable, secure, in-ear fit and enhanced noise isolation with the ergonomic design of ROG Cetra Core. Each earbud is slightly tilted at the front to better fit your ears and has a small bump at the base to help them stay in place securely.

Not just for mobile phones

ROG Cetra Core has a 3.5mm connector to enable immersive audio experiences on a wide variety of devices, including mobile phones, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Mac.

Instant control at your fingertips

A handy inline control provides instant, convenient access to play, pause and volume adjustments. With an attractive metallic finish and tactile buttons that provide satisfying feedback when pressed, the inline control has a premium look and feel that goes above and beyond other headsets.

  • 1. Volume up
  • 2. Play / pause
  • 3. Volume down

Travel case included

ROG Cetra Core comes with a compact travel case for better storage of your earbuds and ear fins. Three sizes of silicone tips and ear fins as well as a pair of foam ear tips are also included, so you can enjoy a custom fit that's comfortable and secure.

Line-up Comparison

Fusion 300

ROG Cetra

Fusion 500

ROG Cetra Core

Connectivity USB-C 3.5mm
Active Noise Cancellation V -
Ambient Mode V -
ASUS Essence drivers V V
Red lighting V -
Microphone Analog, omni-directiona Analog, omni-directiona
Microphone indicator V -
Ergonomic earbuds and ear fins (3 pairs) V V
90 degree handheld mode - V
Instant control Volume adjustment, play/pause, ANC and Ambient Mode on/off Volume adjustment, play/pause
PC Software Armoury II -


Model Music Playback Play/Pause Volume Control
ROG Phone 2 V V V
ROG Phone V V V
Zenfone 6 V V V
Zenfone5/5Z V V V
Zenfone4 V V V
Samsung S9 V V V
LG V30 V V V
Mi Mix 2 V V V
Hauwei P20 V V V
Google Pixel V V V
IPAD mini4 V V -
PC V - -
PS4 V - -
XBOX V - -

* The list is not exhaustive


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