The ROG Azoth is a fully customizable, premium mechanical gaming keyboard

Jan 04, 2023 Written by:ROG Article

The ROG Azoth keyboard surrounded by switches and lubing accessories on a light grey desk mat.

The DIY mechanical keyboard community has exploded, growing from a niche corner of hobbyists to something truly special. As keyboard nerds ourselves, we love it. To create a keyboard that would satisfy gamers who love to customize the look and feel of their keys, we built the ROG Azoth. This 75% wireless custom gaming keyboard offers pre-lubed NX switches, hot-swappable sockets, PBT doubleshot keycaps, and an OLED display in the corner to show off whatever system info you want.

An exploded view of the ROG Azoth keyboard, showing the layers of dampening foam between the other components.

This premium keyboard starts with its three-layer design. The bottom case is fitted with a layer of silicone foam underneath a layer of PORON® foam, with a 3.5mm thick layer of silicone sound absorbing foam on top of the PCB. The gasket-mounted plate gives the keys a slightly more cushioned feel with a more satisfying sound, while the three layers of foam create less echo or “ping” than keyboards without this insulation. Combined with the aluminum top case, the entire build feels robust and refined. 

But the true heart of any mechanical keyboard is the switches, and we pull no punches with the Azoth. Out of the box, the Azoth comes with our pre-lubed ROG NX mechanical switches — linear NX Red, tactile NX Brown, or clicky NX Blue. It also comes with our pre-lubed ROG keyboard stabilizers, which have been specially tuned to produce as little friction as possible —  even lower than traditional PCB-mounted costar stabilizers. This allows longer keys like Spacebar, Shift, and Enter to stay true to the original switch feel. The Spacebar even has extra lubing and dampening foam added for better feel and acoustics. 

A disassembled ROG Azoth keyboard next to a brush dipped in switch lubricant.

If, however, you want to swap out the switches for something different — like your beloved Holy Panda switches you built yourself — you can use the included switch puller to remove the original switches and insert your own, no soldering required. We even include a lube kit with the keyboard, so you can manually lube your own switches. Just pop your switches into our plastic lube station, grab the included brush, and apply the Krytox GPL205-GD0 lubricant bundled with the kit. This holy-grail-tier lube is highly sought after in mechanical keyboard circles, ensuring you’re able to make the absolute most of whatever switches you choose to pop into the Azoth. 

Atop your chosen switches lie a set of premium PBT doubleshot keycaps. PBT provides a unique feel to the keys that cuts down on the shine and wear that can sometimes plague lesser keycaps, providing a long-lasting experience with a gentler sound. We’ve also shortened the stem height of our keycaps, akin to other Cherry Profile keycaps, allowing for less key wobble and more comfortable typing.

The ROG Azoth keyboard, displaying the currently playing song on its OLED display.

All that would be enough to mark the Azoth as our best keyboard yet — but we couldn’t stop there. Next to the function row we’ve also built in a small OLED display that acts as an indicator for the function knob beside it, as well as a small area for you to flex your unique flair with different animations through Armoury Crate. You can also switch it to audio mode to list your currently playing track, display system information, or even keep track of notifications for your email and calendar. Combined with the customizable three-way knob with a side button, you can truly make this keyboard your very own. Control media, brightness, lighting effects, or even fan control, just inches away from your mouse hand. 

The ROG Azoth keyboard on a desk surrounded by a mouse, headset, and monitor with purple light in the background.

And that’s on top of the usual suite of features you’d expect from an ROG keyboard. The tri-mode connectivity allows you to use the keyboard wired or wirelessly through 2.4GHz ROG SpeedNova wireless technology, which allows up to 2,000 hours of usage on battery (with RGB and the OLED screen off). Or switch to Bluetooth for on-the-go usage with wide compatibility. Aura Sync lets you customize the RGB backlighting and coordinate it with your system, and the angle adjustment allows for three different ergonomic options. You can even record macros on-the-fly using nothing but your keyboard’s keys, and switch between individual profiles with the press of a button. Whatever you want this keyboard to be, it can be. 

For more information on pricing and availability of the ROG Azoth mechanical keyboard, please contact your local ASUS representative.