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Dominate with superior sound

ROG Delta S gaming headset delivers impeccably clear, detailed audio to give serious gamers the edge to win. It features industry-leading, hi-fi-grade ESS 9281 with QUAD DAC™ technology and the ASUS AI Noise-Canceling Microphone. At a total weight of just 300 grams, and with ergonomic D-shaped ROG Hybrid ear cushions, ROG Delta S offers unmatched comfort during extended gaming sessions. Its USB-C® connector allows you to play on your PC and then jump to your gaming console or mobile device without having to change headsets.

High-Resolution ESS 9281 Quad-DAC

The ESS 9281 digital-to-analog converter (DAC) features QUAD DAC™ technology to provide lossless audio processing. Each of its four DACs devotes processing power to a subset of the audible frequency range, from lows, mids, highs to ultra-highs. The four signals are then combined, which produces clearer sound with an impressive 130 dB signal-to-noise ratio that's much higher than any other comparable device in the market. Hear every detail and enjoy crisp, clear sound for a true-to-life audio experience with ROG Delta S.

Hi-Res Audio icon

High-Resolution ESS 9281 Quad-DAC

Built in MQA Renderer

Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) is an award-winning audio technology that delivers studio-quality sound and reveals every detail of the original recording. MQA Renderer technology in the ROG Delta S headset can connect to an MQA core signal – in global streaming service apps such as TIDAL – to complete the final "unfold" of an MQA music file and provide incredible audio quality.

MQA icon

Hign SNR

High SNR in FPS Games

A high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) is critical for gaming headsets, especially in FPS games. A higher SNR allows you to precisely pinpoint the origin of enemy footsteps, or hone in on the location of gunfire or explosions on the battlefield. With its quad-DAC design, ROG Delta S is capable of achieving an unprecedented SNR ratio of 130 dB, a level untouched by single-DAC gaming headsets.

High SNR

Crystal-clear Highs and Punchy Bass

The exclusive ASUS Essence drivers in ROG Delta S have been outfitted with Audio Signal Diversion technology for clearer audio. Additionally, the drivers feature a wide frequency response of 20–40 kHz to provide incredibly strong bass and optimized gaming audio, so you'll hear every detail while enjoying an all-around immersive acoustic experience.

Crystal-clear Highs and Punchy Bass
Crystal-clear Highs and Punchy Bass

Exclusive Hyper-Grounding Technology

Exclusive ROG Hyper-Grounding technology leverages a multi-layer PCB and a special layout to prevent electromagnetic interference, ensuring that all you hear is pure, noise-free audio.

Exclusive Hyper-Grounding Technology

AI Noise-Canceling Microphone

The ASUS AI noise-canceling microphone (AI Mic) has a dedicated processor that’s designed to reduce over 500-million types of background noise while preserving vocal harmonics for crystal-clear in-game voice communication. Common background noises such as chatter, keyboard clatter and mouse clicks are reduced by up to 95%.

The AI Mic is unidirectional, detachable, and certified by both Discord and TeamSpeak. An indicator light on the tip of the boom flashes red when the microphone is muted, so you can easily determine its status.

AI Noise-Canceling Microphone icon

Hear the difference

Delta S AI Mic off

Delta S AI Mic on

Light Effects
ASUS Aura Sync
RGB Lighting

Soundwave Light Effects

An exclusive Soundwave light effect makes lights flash in sync with the sound of your voice.

Soundwave Light Effects
ASUS Aura Sync

ASUS Aura Sync RGB Lighting

Customizable Aura Sync RGB lighting offers over 16.8 million color combinations plus preset lighting effects.

  • Static Static
  • Color cycle Color Cycle
  • Strobing Strobing
  • Rainbow Rainbow
  • Music Effect Music
  • Breathing Breathing

ROG Strix Magnus
0 40 60 100 Low point : 40 o C High point : 60 o C
Note: Only when devices with monitoring capabilities are present.
Blue : Normal scenes Yellow : Alert scenes Red : Danger/ Hurting

Multiplatform Compatibility

The USB-C® connector enables high-fidelity audio* experiences with PCs, Mac, mobile devices and game consoles such as Nintendo Switch and Sony PlayStation**.
*Surround sound available only on compatible devices or via Armoury Crate software.
**Use of bundled USB-C to USB 2.0 adapter cable required.

Multiplatform Compatibility

Multiplatform Compatibility
Crafted for
Two Typed of
Fit and Feel

Crafted for Comfort

Compared to oval ear cups, the ergonomic D-shaped ear cups of ROG Delta S closely match the shape of your ears, reducing unnecessary contact areas by up to 20%. The drivers in each ear cup are tilted by 12 degrees, closely matching the natural angle of human ears. The sloped design provides better comfort and also helps improve sound quality by enabling the audio signal to travel directly into the ear canal.

The cushions are made of 100% protein leather and fast-cooling memory foam, so you stay comfortable during long gaming sessions.

Crafted for Comfort

Two Types of Fit and Feel

ROG Delta S provides two types of ear cushions to choose from, based on your preference.

ROG Hybrid ear cushions
ROG Hybrid ear cushions

These cushions are perfect for long gaming sessions, these cushions are made of protein leather and fabric mesh. They offer a contoured fit, with material that is thick but breathable.

Fast-cooling protein leather ear cushions
Fast-cooling protein leather ear cushions

These comparatively thinner and softer ear cushions are ideal for on-the-go use.

Instant Control at Your Fingertips Instant Control at Your Fingertips

Instant Control at Your Fingertips

Intuitive control buttons on the ear cup let you instantly control volume, mute the microphone or adjust RGB lighting during gameplay.

Top : Soundwave light mode on
Middle : Aura RGB on
Bottom : Aura RGB off

Scroll up or down to increase or decrease volume

Push to mute or unmute microphone

Armoury Crate

Armoury Crate software offers extensive controls and an intuitive UI, so you can take full control of your audio experience. It makes it easy to create and apply audio profiles for a wide range of games and scenarios.

Armoury Crate
  ROG Delta SROG Delta S ROG DeltaROG Delta ROG Delta CoreROG Delta Core
Connectivity USB-C
USB 2.0*
USB 2.0*
DAC Hi-fi ESS 9281 Quad DAC Hi-fi ESS 9218 Quad DAC n/a
MQA-enabled Y n/a n/a
ASUS AI microphone Y n/a n/a
Microphone driver 6 mm 4 mm 4 mm
Airtight chamber Y Y Y
Next-gen ASUS Essence driver Y Y Y
RGB lighting Y Y n/a
Microphone Analog Analog Analog
Microphone indicator Y Y n/a
Ergonomic D-shape ear cushion Y Y Y
Instant control Volume adjustment
Mic mute
RGB on/off/soundwave light mode
Volume adjustment
Mic mute
RGB on/off
Volume adjustment
Mic mute

* Using included USB-C to USB 2.0 adapter

ROG Delta S-Unboxing Video

ROG Delta S gaming headset features hi-fi-grade ESS 9281 quad DAC, MQA file rendering technology, and ASUS AI Noise-Canceling Microphone for clear in game communication, and it’s compatible with gaming consoles, laptops and smart devices.


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ROG Delta S gaming headset delivers impeccably clear, detailed audio to give serious gamers the edge to win

As for the headphones themselves, the ROG Delta S offers clear and detailed sound to give gamers every sound detail.

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