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ROG 100W USB-C Adapter


NB Device

Model Name



AC100-240V ~ 50-60Hz 1.6A


DC 5.0V / 3.0A
DC 9.0V / 3.0A
DC 15.0V / 3.0A
DC 20.0V / 5.0A

Total Output


DC Plug

Type C




293g±3% (w/o power cord)


75*75 *28.8 mm

Cable Length

Output Cable:160cm Power Cord Length:90cm

Package Contents

Adapter*1, Power cord*1, Booklet*1


Power cord is included according to different countries.

Compatible Model

RC71L, T302CHI, T3304GA, UM3504DA, UM5302LA, UP3404VA, UX3402VA, UX3404VA, UX3404VC, UX5304VA, G614JU, G614JV, G634JZ, G713PV, G733PY, G733PZ, G814JI, G814JU, G814JV, G834JY, GV302XA, GV601VI, GV601VU, GV601VV, FX507VF, FA707XU, FA707XI, FA707NV, FA707NU, FA707NI, FA617XT, FA617XS, FA617NS, FA507XV, FA507XU, FA507XI, FA507NV, FA507NU, FA507NI, B5302CBA, B5302FBA, B5402FBA, B5402CBA, B5602CBA, B5602CBN, B5602FBA, B5602FBN, B5602CVA, B5602CVN, B5402FVA, B5402CVA, B1402CBA, B1502CBA, B1402CGA, B1502CGA, B1402CVA, B1502CVA, BR1102CGA, BR1102FGA, BR1402CGA, BR1402FGA, BR1402CVA, BR1402FVA, CX3401FBA, CM3401FFA, CX3402CBA, NR2203RA, NR2201ZE, NR2201ZC, NR2201ZA, FX507VV, FX507VU, FX507VQ, FX507VJ, UX5400ZF, M5602RA, M5602QA, M5402RA, M3502RA, M3502QA, M3402RA, M3402QA, UX9702AA, UX325YA, UP5302ZA, K3502ZA, K3402ZA, S5602ZA, S5402ZA, UX5401ZAS, UP5401ZA, UN5401RA, UM5401RA, B9400CEAV, B7402FEA, B5402CEA, B5402FEA, B3402FEA, B3000DQ1A, CX5400FMA, CR1100CKA, CX1700CKA, C424MAR, CZ1000DVA, C424MA, C425TA, CM1400FXA, CM3200FM1A, CX1101CMA, CX1500CKA, CX3400FMA, CX9400CEA, CZ1000DVA, B5302CEA, B5302FEA, GV301RA, GV301RC, GV301RE, GZ301ZA, GZ301ZC, GZ301ZE, CR1100FKA, C433TA, C436FA, CX5500FEA, GV301QC, GV301QE, UM425QA, UM425UAZ, UX425EA, UM425IA, UX363EA, UX371EA, UX482EA, UX482EG, UX393EA, UX435EAL, UX435EG, UX325EA, UM425UA, GV301QH, GA503IM, GA503IE, GA503IC, GA503QE, GA503QC, G513IC, G513IM, G513IR, G533QM, G533QS, G513IE, G713IE, G713IM, G733QM, G713IR, G533QR, G713IC, GA401IC, GA401IE, GA401QE , GX703HM, GX703HR, G713QY, GA401QH, GU603HE, GA401IHR, G713QH, G713IH, G513QH, C214MA, B9400CEA, UX393JA, UX425JA, C403NA, B9450FA, C202XA, T103HAF, UX370UA, B9440UA, B9450CEA, C203XA, C204EE, C204MA, C213SA, C223NA, C302CA, C423NA, C434TA, C523NA, C536EA, CM3000DVA, CM3200FVA, CM5500FDA, CT100PA, CX1100CNA, CX1400CNA, CX1500CNA, GX502GV, Q408UG, S435EA, T102HA, UX325JA, UX363JA, UX391FA, UX490UA, T3300KA, UM3402YA, UM5302TA, UX425IA, UX425QA, UX425SA, UX425UA, UX425UAZ, UX425UG, UX435EA, UX435EGL, UX435EGL, UX5400EA, UX5400EG, UX5400ZB, UX5401EA, UX5401EAJ, UX5401ZA, UX5401ZAJ, X435EA, X450CC, X450JF, X450VB, X505UV, X550CA, X550EP, X550LB, X550LC, X550LJ, X555DG, X556UV
  • ROG 100W USB-C Adapter
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