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Two ROG Phone 6 BAMAN Edition floating in the middle and showing the front and back sides of the phone. Visual with the Batman character and Gotham city in the background.


A fast-paced video showcase the exclusive BATMAN Edition Phone and related accessories in the box.
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Design telefon

Design emblematic

The back cover of the ROG Phone 6 BATMAN Edition shown on a geometric background.

Design telefon

Pachetul de teme Batman

Wallpaper Live

Animatie incarcare

Always-on Panel

Primire apel

Design carcasa

Design pentru colectionari


Accesorii exclusive

Two Batman Aero Cases, one shows the inside and the other one shows the outside.
Carcasa Batman Aero Case
The Bat-Signal projecting a bat icon on a wall.

Emblematicul Bat-Signal

The Batman Ejector Pin in its Gotham city desktop stand, with another ejector pin lying down showing its other side.
Batman Ejector Pin

Afla mai multe despre:

  1. Toate imaginile sunt simulate in scop ilustrativ.
  2. BATMAN si toate caracterele si elementele conexe © & TM DC Comics (s22).

Recenzii Video

ROG Phone 6 Batman Edition: Phụ kiện KHỦNG chưa từng thấy, máy khoẻ, đẹp đủ TRẦM TRỒ

ROG Phone 6 BATMAN: Quá trời phụ kiện, đồ chơi kèm theo ngầu đừng hỏi!

Trên tay ASUS ROG Phone 6 Batman Edition

Smartphone ROG


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