ROG Connect

Simply connect the provided USB cable between the ROG USB connector on the motherboard rear I/O, to a laptop, netbook or another PC. Next load the software on the supporting PC and tweak the ROG motherboard or graphics card remotely, without even touching the ROG PC! The benefits benchmarks who like to remotely tweak their setups without disturbing them during performance tests. For further information please see here.

RC TweakIt

The software side of ROG Connect is RC TweakIt, shown below. It allows voltage changes and shows realtime read-outs of the tweaked and overclocked PC it's connected to. For those that prefer a more direct readout or cannot see (maybe buried under thermal insulation) the onboard two-digit post code, the RC Poster (bottom right) shows the boot status without the need to decipher. rc-tweak-app
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