Air, Water and Extreme Cooling Features

DirectCU Technology

ASUS exclusive cooling technology that conducts heat direct from the GPU core.

CoolTech Fan Technology

ROG Exclusive design of an inner radial blade combined with curved, downward facing outer blades.

Memory Defroster

Extreme overclockers can defrost their memory to avoid cold bugs!

Poseidon Hybrid Cooler

Get the best of both: start with air cooling and upgrade to water cooling later!

Power & Overclocking Features

Super Alloy Power

Special materials and design provide a 15% performance boost at 35% cooler temperatures, with a 2.5x longer lifespan


Dedicated solder points allow overclockers to accurately monitor GPU, memory, PLL, and PCIe voltages via a multimeter.

Safe Mode Button

Reset the graphics card at any time back to its default frequencies and voltages, by hitting the safe-mode button.

VGA Hotwire

Wire your graphics card to motherboard and accurately monitor and overvolt your GPU.

Unique Designs & Exclusive Software

Dual GPU graphics cards

ROG has a strong history of desigining the fastest, most exclusive dual-GPU graphics cards: The MARS and ARES.

MATRIX LED Load Indicator

A color-coded LED indicator that shows GPU load in real-time.

GPU Tweak

Monitor and overclocking your graphics card with this ASUS utility. For ROG users it has exclusive features.

Retired Features


Onboard buttons to tweak voltage directly. No need for software!

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