Dissland is an amusement park in the north of Gigapolis San Diego & Tijuana, capital of Citivas CASTITAS, taking up more than one hundred square miles and enjoying semi-autonomy from G.U.N.. This amusement park subsumed other major theme parks in California from before the FATE War. It was later reformed into an art district, with nearby residential areas and arms facilities.

Out of reach from G.U.N., Dissland is an exclave occupied by hippie artists and street racers. It was established as an independent community by a group of anarchist G.A.M.E.R.s who oppose the system, and the current residents continue their legacy.

Defended by an armed guard unit known as Dissland’s Armed Guards, or D.A.G., most patrols operate dressed as former park mascots or anime characters. The units clusters around the commander, who dresses up like a giant rat, to march around the amusement park twice a day.

During this parade, it is routine for D.A.G. to assert their sovereignty. When the situation calls for it, they also demonstrate this power by warning away enemies with weapons cleverly hidden inside their costumes. Their cars are not just for looks but come armed and ready for combat. On paper the parades are a holdover from the past for nostalgia purposes, but in reality they are actually a defense patrol securing the controlled area.

The castles: This is the administration area for Dissland, with constructions built like ancient castles from the Middle Ages. The castles act the offices for the mafia boss ruling the area, as well as luxurious guest houses designed to host important visitors. Some parts of this area are also used as residential blocks for high level park management.

The amusement park: An enormous theme park, about the size of the largest parks from the 20th century. The park itself is perpetually full of noise and life due to the cheap accommodations located within park boundaries. The security situation, on the other hand, is not as good as one would expect.

Lovers’ Ferris Wheel: A newly-designed massive construction, built like an old-time Ferris wheel. As the flagship landmark of the park, Lovers’ Ferris Wheel rotates around Dissland every three hours. Each cabin is equipped with top-tier amenities. Besides the three-hour ride, visitors can also book a room for the whole day at a discounted price to see incredible nighttime views of the park.